On the Ecology of the Devil Swine


"Ain't every day your food tries to eat you." -Ropherius militia butcher , 

Nomenclature: Devil Swine, Pig Demons, Orcs, Beastmen, Feral worts

Description: Pigs that walk as men, or perhaps men who are secretly pigs

Things that are known:

  • They are shapeshifters, appearing as either pigs, men, or pig-men
  • They cannot change their form under the light of the sun
  • They consider human flesh a delicacy
  • They are immune to normal weapons
  • They have the ability to bewitch, bewilder, and bind humans as servants and slaves

Rumors and other whispers in the dark:
  • All leaders of men, kings of nations, and priests of gods are secretly devil swine.
  • They lair in forests and marshes because they are grown as fungi on rot-pits built by existing devil swine.
  • Devil swine aren't devils at all. They are demons that represent human vice run amok. Each one is a personification of a cardinal sin: Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Lust, Wrath. Humans that fall victim to these are transformed into Devil Swine.
  • Devil swine never fight fair. They are fond of ambushes.
  • Their brains reside in their stomach, and become increasingly agitated as they become more and more hungry.
  • They have the ability to summon and control Peccaries, small omnivorous wiry boars with short straight tusks
  •  They don't charm humans, they show them their true selves. Their minds are so pure of id, that it breaks down any civilization humans have convinced themselves they possess, gaining control of their minds as an extension of the devil swine's own needs
  • They have white skin, because the outer layer of their skin is a constantly shedding layer of decaying flesh
  • Devil swine don't charm men, they are infected with a luminous fungal growth that they spread. This infection is sentient and controls both the devil-swine and men
  • When you run from a suidae, they gain boldness and the character of a man. It is important to show no fear. The slightest hint will give them the power of men
  • Devil swine are invisible to anyone aiming a ranged weapon
  • Devil swine are the most filthy of any living creature
  • Though they speak and walk on two legs, there is no taming the wild and chaotic nature of the Devil swine
  • They carry a curse, because they have been the only animal to wound a god
  • Devil swine create new children by using their tusks to remove bark from trees, the resultant pulp grows into a devil swine by the next new moon
  • Any contact with a devil swine will curse you with a malign disease
  • The devil swine is actually the ancestor of man, the legendary pig-monkey
  • The body of a devil swine doesn't contain meat, only unwholesome moistures and humors
  • It's not moistures and humors that fill the body of the devil swine, once slain their bodies become formless lard
  • All devil swine suffer from constant copremesis
  • Devil swine do not talk through their snouts, but rather through long slits across their necks, from when they were slain as pigs
  • No more than one devil swine is allowed to die on any day, so killing just one will drive them all away
Variants Devil swine are shapeshifters, but are not 'true' lycanthropies. But there have been tales of them being able to share or extend their shapechanging magic to dogs, snakes, and rats also, allowing them to take the form of men, so long as they serve the devil swine
Combat Tricks Devil swine never engage in prolonged combat, preferring hit and run tactics. They ply their victims with food and worthless treasures
Food spray: The devil swine sprays out all the food that's in it's mouth along with bile, stomach acid, and a bit of wine. Everyone nearby is at -2 on all their rolls until they can take a turn to clean themselves off. Not cleaning yourself off within 2 hours will cause you to contract 2-5 diseases.
Leg Run: Instead of taking any other action, a devil swine in combat can drop to all fours and run through the legs of the target. The target must save versus paralyzation/Dexterity/Reflex or fall prone. The devil swine can move up to 40' behind the target
Valuable Resources A bezor extracted from a devil swine is said to be very powerful, and the rendered fat of their bodies can be a useful base for candles, slaves, and waxes.

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