On the Effects of Magic, 9th Level

This series was originally published in April of 2014.  This is part of an effort to update and archive these posts on the "Links to Wisdom" wiki. It is also available for a free download at DTRPG.

The magical energies contained in the brain cause side effects. When the wizard acts as a conduit, there are risks. When a wizard memorizes a 9th level spell, she gains the ability to take on a specific named aspect. This replaces part of her soul with the soul of the spell and has the effects listed below. Once taken, this aspect can only be dismissed with a successful save versus paralyzation, which at first can be attempted at the end of a turn. The next time is the end of an hour. The time after that is at the end of the day, then a week, then a month, then a year. If the wizard fails at that point, his essences has been subsumed by the spell itself and rejoins the weave of magic.

View the entire series here. When reading these, recall the caster must be at least 18th level to even memorize one of these spells.

  • Astral Spell
    • Aspect of the Star: Casters body becomes translucent and surrounded by a glowing outline. The interior appears filled with galaxies and star stuff. Caster can fly and is immune to normal weaponry. When struck, star material pours from the gash, damaging all targets in a 3" x 3" cone for 2d8 damage in a random direction. 
  • Bigby's Crushing Hand
    • Aspect of the Fist: The caster doubles in size and his muscles grow to huge proportions. Her Strength is raised to 19, and her intelligence and wisdom decrease by the same amount her strength increased. Her armor class improves 4 places from natural armor and her fist attacks do 1d8 damage as a base. She may jump up to 4 times her normal jumping distance. Her skin may turn a different color. 
  • Gate
    • Aspect of the Overworld: The casters skin turns either obsidian or ivory colored, and her eyes become pools of a solid color. The wizard gains the ability to open up portals between locations in time a space. She may summon small objects or open up a pair of portals that link to each other.
  • Imprisonment
    • Aspect of the Warden: The casters body becomes more dense, gaining an increase of 2 to armor class and doubling in weight. Spending a round concentrating the caster can raise a permanent stone wall 5' thick, 10' high, and 20' long.
  • Meteor Swarm
    • Aspect of the Meteor: Caster gains a fire aura that does 3d6 damage to adjacent creatures and acts as a fire shield (hot). She can throw balls of fire, one per round, doing 5d6 damage to any target she hits. 
  • Monster Summoning VII
    • Aspect of the Summoner: The caster has a number of floating arcane symbols that act as satellites. They can be used to attack a monster within 40', doing 4d8 damage, or they can be used defensively protecting the caster from ranged weapons and raising the casters armor class by 8 as a shield bonus, or they can be used to support the caster allowing her to walk through the air. 
  • Power Word, Kill
    • Aspect of the Black Bolt: The casters voice is a wave of destruction. She may shatter any object with her voice up to 100 pounds per caster level using the spell in this way expends the spell. Using the voice to harm a creature kills it as the definition of the spell. Otherwise the caster may not speak.
  • Prismatic Sphere
    • Aspect of the Universal Shaman: The caster gains a limited ability to transmute objects into other objects. Rain can be turned into flower petals, fire can be turned into streaming paper, blood can be changed into insects. Doing so takes a full round, but the caster is limited to changing small objects into other objects. 
  • Shape Change
    • Aspect of the Mutable Form: Your form becomes liquid and malleable. You may spend a turn to form part of your body into a certain trait, gaining you an animals or creatures natural ability. Attacks against you do 3 points less damage than normal because of the nature of your body. 
  • Temporal Stasis
    • Aspect of the Eternal Form: Your skin becomes gleaming and speckled and you lightly glow a golden color. You do not age while this spell is prepared and your touch causes sleep to all creatures of 4 hit dice or less. Higher level creatures receive a saving throw versus the sleep effect. 
  • Time Stop
    • Aspect of the Hourglass: While this spell is prepared, you instantly experience the moment it is cast, and then live backwards from that moment. at any given time you have no idea what has just happened, but have a clear understand of what will happen. The Dungeon Master informs you of what is ahead privately and any attacks or actions you take have a +4 bonus on the roll. 
  • Wish
    • Aspect of the Quantum: This aspect is too powerful to be maintained for long. If the spell is not cast, every molecule of the casters body vibrates with energy with appropriate effects. 

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