On the OSR Christmas in July

Isn't it disappointing that only digital files are on sale at DTRPG?

So I've dropped the prices of print copies of my books!

Bestial Encounters Caused By Monstrous Inhabitation is now 19.99$ 9.99$ in PDF, 34.99$ 29.99$ in Hardcover, and 29.99$ 19.99$ in Softcover!

Artifices Deceptions & Dilemmas is now 19.99$ 9.99$ in PDF, 24.99$ 19.99$ in Hardcover and 19.99$ 14.99 in softcover

On Downtime and Demesnes is now 4.99$ in PDF, 19.99$ 14.99$ in Hardcover, and 14.99$ 12.99 in Softcover. (5e version too!)

I am moving next month, and paying rent twice is terrifying. So you get a deal! You get a deal! And You get a deal!

Look, they are great books with quality work from everyone involved, and at the price points for Christmas in July, you can get some Hardcovers on the cheap. 25$ for all the PDFS, or and under 50$ for all the books in print. If you were waiting now's the time.

The price drop on Bestial Encounters is permanent, but the others are just for this month!

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