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You are already a great Dungeon Master. You run a game really well.

What's the difference between a room and a chamber? What's the difference between a mausoleum, a sepulcher, and a crypt? Would disarming traps be more exciting if you understood how those complex mechanisms worked? What does a magic trap look like? What does a solar room look like and what's usually inside?

What's in it?

  • Over 100 Illustrations of Lavish environments 
  • Guidelines for escalating threats while respecting player agency 
  • Hundreds of ideas for tricks and traps.

No longer will your players complain about traps or unfair encounters. Now when they meet their doom, they will blame themselves for their own foolishness! Be as cruel and devious as you want with these guidelines on how to do so fairly!

Looking for something to spice up an encounter? Pick one of hundreds of options of traps, rooms, walls, tricks or more! Fill rooms with ease, design encounters in ways that give your players the freedom to put their own characters in hot water!

This is a book used in every game you run. Your next campaign, the one after that, the one after that. . . Not one wasted word. Every page is crammed with content and creativity. No filler. Tools that describe devilish traps and devious decoys. Explore your own Artifices, Deceptions, and Dilemmas today!

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Do you sometimes wish you didn't have to put in so much effort into engaging your players? Wouldn't it be nice if they couldn't wait to play around in your world? If they were pushing you to spend more time in the land you create?

What's in it? 
  • Systems that motivate players
  • Simple usable procedures that work
  • Creativity and inspiration for adventure

No longer will your players wonder what their characters should do with all their gold. It includes clear, common-sense rules for everything from starting a cult, making sacrifices to gods, to hiring mercenaries and building vehicles and castles.

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Do you feel a bit intimidated by Dungeons & Dragons?
Would you like to impress your gaming group and feel more confident when playing?
Then check out Level UP: the fantasy gaming book of lists, answering all of D&D's most pressing questions.
Why do wizards live in towers?
What are the biggest news stories in the history of Dungeons & Dragons(r)?
What don't you know about hit points? ⁣
What are all the different kinds of games?
Get to the deepest secrets of dungeons and dragons, feel confident, and impress your gaming group and Level UP today.⁣

Check out Megadungeon! This magazine details Numenhalla, a famous dungeon with hundreds of players from the long forgotten days of G+. Visit the nefarious depths and solve the mysteries of the god halls. 

Each issue is packed with resources for Dungeon Masters running classic style campaigns, including non-player characters, unique dragons, new classes, magic items, and ideas! Each issues approximately 60 pages and available for just a few dollars!

EXTENSIVELY illustrated with many old-school artist luminaries, including James Shields, Kent Miller, Bodieh, Luka Rejec and more!

Problems with your players being frustrated at your non-player characters? Looking for the hidden social combat system that's been part of classic fantasy role-playing for over 30 years? Do you want your social encounters to be navigated by player skill, rather than by what's on the character's sheet or how good the player's personal charisma is? Are you looking for the fast way to generate memorable and long term non-player characters? Do you want every table result regarding non-player characters to be instantly gameable, rather than trying to figure out how they are ever going to discover what you rolled?

Get this book and watch those problem social encounters disappear, to be replaced by everyone talking about how awesome your encounters are.

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The Eye Is Opening.

The Awakening is near, the Spheres are coming into alignment, and the Oculus is beginning to open. The dark power is reaching out and for the first time in an age the Eyrie of the Dread Eye is accessible again. As the Eye opens, reality itself comes under further and further  strain. And as rumors of a new valley containing an underground forgotten city filled with untold riches spread out from the Dark Wall, the Oculus continues to open ever wider. 

Check out the award winning mid-level module that provides real challenge to players!

DTRPG Digital/Print Published by Autarch Publishing

Maximillian Ernesto Cravenpeter Esquire the Mediocre, a powerful archmage, is publicly retiring and is holding an auction for his eclectic and exotic items. Maximillian, a powerful wizard in no way overcome with paranoia and petty concerns, has always had little trust or respect for anyone who would covet his things. As a security measure he has contacted the Green Feather agents—fae mesmerists, who have agreed to hold the auction in a dream within Maximillian’s psyche. This works flawlessly, protecting both the clients and the auctioned objects, as long as no deep psychic disturbances exist. A renowned wizard named Max the Mediocre has no psychogenic trauma, obviously.

For Savage Worlds Gold and Glory, suitable for solo play, check out the psycheadellic Cravenpeter's dream auction! Adaptable to any classic system.

DTRPG in digital

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