On Ecology Completed

So that happened. 

Bestial Ecosystems created by Monster Inhabitation is out

I'm getting better at it. There was something off about the softcovers, so it'll be a few days on those. Amazon should go up by Wednesday if you'd prefer to get it from there. 

I'm an artist by trade, and there's some ink thing? When printing you can't have something too black or everyone complains. I mean, they complain because the printer vomits out black ink all over the pages. The annoying thing is that the normal black I use in illustrations is 'too black' so I have to go through and set all the images to a Japanese newspaper standard from 20 years ago.

I don't really understand what's going on, because I haven't done their job. I conceptually understand you want to send a color profile to the printer, but I'm just plodding along trying to make my way through the process as best I can. 

Oh, the book is so good guys. Tons of art. It gives me a sensation of brightness when I look inside because of the density of ideas. It's oh so very unlike any sort of monster manual than has ever come before.

Monster manual you say? Are you now realizing that the collection of Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual is complete? Did I write a trilogy of dark reflections examining the negative space of role-playing games? On Downtime & Demesnes is a player's handbook, Artifices, Deceptions & Dilemmas is a dungeon master's guide, and Bestial Ecosystems created by Monster Inhabitation is indeed a monster manual. They are a reflection, commentary, and guide to the rules of classic fantasy table-top role-playing games from the back of the stage. They provide new insights and ideas that are designed to elucidate unspoken laws and refresh forgotten knowledge. 


Pick up your copies today!

. . . 

That. That's what happened at the beginning when I said, so that happened.

Gosh, so it was fun. It was also a lot of work. I'll be posting my thirty or so illustrations on my insta over the next few weeks. I got to meet with and work with some incredible people while writing these books. I had two major professional releases in the space of time I wrote these books. The Tome of Alchemy by Frog God Games and In a Deadly Fashion from Lamentations are both available in print. 

It's . . .good? I don't feel any sense of stability, which as it turns out was symptomatic. Apparently I suffer from vertigo. This both explains why I always feel like I'm about to fly off the surface of the earth, AND all the walking into things. I'm going to be finishing the fulfillment of this Kickstarter over the next day or two, and then. . . 

Well, I don't think I'm going to quit just yet. As long as I can manage to keep doing this I will. It is getting easier over time. I'm getting better at it. 

Soon we talk about being free from Sin. You'll wanna be here for that.

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