On a Future Coming

 Hey all.

I've been busy writing. It turns out that when you write for a living, it's hard to write on a blog.

The good thing is, there's actual professional work coming out. 

First, I've written a funnel and a reimagination of the Palace of the Silver Princess. The funnel is currently free and in playtest! Some people seem to think that it's too deadly, but I'm interested in your opinion.

Check it out for free here: Palace of the Golden Princess Playtest.

Also, books have shown up in the American LotFP store. Now you can get In a Deadly Fashion without paying 40$ shipping. It's not only a mystery but a guideline on running mysteries. Find out the terrible horror that awaits in the dark corners of macaroni fashion. Death is the new black! You can check out it here! 

It's beautiful and I'm proud of it. 

I'm really glad to be working, and so I'd like to thank everyone for their support. It's touch and go at times, but it seems to be working out. 

This isn't all. Bestial Ecosystems is due back from the editor in about 7 days. It would have been earlier,

but my editor got COVID. He survived (unlike the six million-plus dead worldwide) but the recovery process from COVID is lifelong. Bestial Ecosystems Caused by Monstrous Inhabitation (BECMI) is the final in my trilogy of books, On Downtime and Demesnes, and Artifices, Deceptions, and Dilemmas. The trilogy was a huge project, taking two years. And I'm left with beautiful books, filled with amazing art, forming a system-neutral players handbook, dungeon master's guide, and monster manual. It's so amazing and I'm so proud. You can check out the first two here, and be sure to check out the new one when it releases in print in two weeks. 

Finally, my current project is something else. I've had a jewel that I've loved since it came out, and the keepers have let it become ruined by apathy and greed. I realized that I could take it, and possibly make something wonderful out of it. Instead of complaining about what bad actors are doing, I'm taking steps to make a better world, by making a game about, well. . . You'll see. 

Thanks for checking in, and get in on that playtest!

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