On the Effects of Magic, 6th level Wizard

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The magical energies contained in the brain could cause side effects. When the wizard acts as a conduit, there are risks. As these are sixth level side-effects, the results should be noticeable.

This makes wizards somewhat more unique based on the spells they know and can prepare. It also can make them more useful or somewhat of a liability.

The list of side effects follows:

  • Anti-Magic Shell: The wizard receives a +4 bonus on saves versus magic or spells, but has a 10% chance of spell failure any time she casts a spell
  • Bigby's Forceful Hand: The wizard's hands elongate to three times their normal length. The wizard is unable to wear rings while his hands appear this way, unless he keeps them closed in awkward fists.
  • Control Weather: The sky rumbles and cold winds blow. When the caster speaks lightning may flash, clouds may roll, and thunder may punctuate his sentences. This gives her a 20% bonus on any social intimidation rolls. Occasionally a small cloud may appear and rain over the caster or someone nearby
  • Death Spell: The casters eyes become tiny skulls and anyone touching or being touched by the caster must save or lose a life energy level. 
  • Disintegrate: Any normal, unmagical object held or used by the wizard must save versus disintegration or crumble apart while being held or used. The wizards clothes are immune to this effect until removed (when they likely will be destroyed). The wizards pack, weapons, and equipment are not.
  • Enchant an Item: Emotions and events are enhanced around the user. Scary events are terrifying, critical hits are more critical, wounds are greater, and healing is more powerful. Everyone within 120' of the wizard gets +1 to all rolls, ally, enemy, and neutral alike.
  • Extension III: Spells cast by the caster last an additional 3 rounds while this is memorized.
  • Geas: The wizard's voice is more influential, any statement he makes has a 50% chance to be treated as a command, as the cleric spell. The target receives a saving throw. 
  • Glassee: The wizards skin becomes translucent, becoming ghoul or ghast-like in appearance.
  • Globe of Invulnerability: While prepared, spells the wizard casts have a 4 - level chance of failure on a d6, i.e. a 2nd level spell fails when the wizard casts it or has it cast against them 2 in 6 times. A 3rd level spell fails on a 1 in 6 chance.
  • Guards and Wards: The wizard causes bad luck to surround him. Bedpans and flowerpots fall from windows, mud splashes bystanders, people trip and fall, horses go wild, adventurers slip on stairs, etc.
  • Invisible Stalker: Objects nearby float in the air, move of their own accord and dance wildly. Occasionally nearby objects will smash into a wall or the ground. While concentrating for a round and taking no other action, the wizard can control this force as the spell Unseen Servant.
  • Legend Lore: The wizard constantly has a voice explaining and describing things to him in his head. It talks about what happened, what the past was, who has died in this place, what their lives were like, untold, uncounted, useless information. This affects the wizard causing him difficulty hearing and giving him a 20% of spell failure (excepting the Legend Lore spell itself).
  • Lower Water: The caster causes water to run down nearby surfaces, leaving the entire area damp.
  • Monster Summoning IV: The pentagrams now float free of the wizards skin and body. They provide no protection but they glow providing light out to 2" and his and hum. The spark slightly as other planes come into contact with this one and the smell of ozone is strong in the air.
  • Move Earth: When the mage walks, dirt is kicked up, and stone cracks and crumbles, leaving a trail of rough and difficult terrain over both stone and earth.
  • Otiluke's Freezing Sphere: All water within 10" of the caster freezes over the course of 1 round.
  • Part Water: The caster and the space around him is hydrophobic. Small droplets and dampness will be banished, but larger bodies of water will just move away slightly. Any exposure to water will not cause the caster to become damp.
  • Project Image:The appearance of the wizard trails a second ahead or behind of the caster whenever she speaks or moves. The effect is unnerving like feedback and makes it difficult for the caster to speak. 
  • Reincarnation: Occasionally when speaking to the caster, they appear to be a different race or creature. The caster may find his hands have become hooves for a few moments, or that he has difficulty speaking as his form shifts transitionally to that of another creature.
  • Repulsion: The caster is repugnant to nearby creatures, -4 on all social rolls. Even if the caster isn't speaking, this grants the party speaker a -2 on all rolls due to the intense dislike of the caster.
  • Spiritwrack: The caster attracts demonic attention. Any random encounter has a 1% of being a demon while this spell is known.
  • Stone to Flesh: Nearby rock and stone seems to writhe and shift. In addition to being disturbing, it causes all stone terrain within 3" of the wizard to be considered difficult terrain.
  • Tenser's Transformation: The wizards strength if less than 17 becomes 17 and he gains a slight Austrian accent.

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