On Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design

I can't figure out why I did this!

Inside its thirty pages you'll find:

  • A way to randomly determine over 105 empty room types, each defined and given a basic list of what items they contain!
  • The differences between a room and a chamber!
  • Ways in which empty rooms may be interesting!
  • A comprehensive listing of things that a room may contain!
  • 17 different categories of tricks!
  • A comprehensive listing of trick types!
  • Almost 100 example tricks!
  • Basic old school trap design, including triggers, special effects, duration, resets, and different categories!
  • Randomly generate thousands of different doors and a listing of over 60 door tricks!
  • Over 40 different surface tricks!
  • Randomly generate hundreds of thousands of different magical fountain effects!
  • 69 different interesting curses!
  • 100 different things that can be found in pits!
  • 100 strange and interesting things that can be found in corridors!
  • Randomly generate a nearly infinite number of traps!
  • 16 sample riddles and guidelines for creating your own riddles and puzzles!
  • Free!
Get it here.

It's companion piece is Treasure, a document allowing you to generate different interesting kinds of Treasure and it can be found here.

So, yeah, enjoy.
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