On the Effects of Magic, 4th level Wizard

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The magical energies contained in the brain could cause side effects. When the wizard acts as a conduit there
are risks. As these are fourth level side-effects, the results should be noticeable.

This makes wizards somewhat more unique based on the spells they know and can prepare. It also can make them more useful or somewhat of a liability.

Here is a listing of those side effects:

  • Charm Monster: All reactions with non-sentient creatures are improved by 1, however sentient creatures detect something monstrous within you, and have their reaction penalized by the same amount.
  • Confusion: There is a 1 in 6 chance per spell cast while confusion is memorized, that the lowest-level spell memorized is actually a different spell then the one the wizard prepared.
  • Dig: Where the wizard walks dirt is kicked up leaving holes. These holes make rough terrain. Stone is unaffected, but eventually cracks and crumbles if repeatedly crossed
  • Dimension door: When objects are retrieved by anyone standing near the wizard, there is a 1 in 6 chance that it is any random object, and there is a 2 in 6 chance that it is a random object possessed by the party. This roll is made any time the Dungeon Master wishes to roll, not every time an object is retrieved.
  • Enchanted Weapon: Any weapon held by the wizard for a single round, acts as a +1 magical weapon for the purposes of damaging monsters only damaged by magical weapons. This lasts 1 turn after the wizard releases the weapon.
  • Extension I: All spells possessed by the wizard last an additional round while cast while this is memorized.
  • Fear: The caster no longer has a penalty when engaged in social combat and attempting to scare an opponent. Alternately, the caster receives a a +4 bonus versus fear saves, while those around him receive a -2.
  • Fire Charm: The magic user's eyes turn into fire. This allows them to either cast 10' of light, or see 30' in the dark. It does not otherwise affect vision
  • Fire Shield: Flames lick from the bottom of the wizards robe or pants. They will unintentionally catch things on fire.
  • Fire Trap: A flaming tattoo of a magical rune floats underneath the caster's skin.
  • Fumble: Any one rolled on an attack causes a critical failure.
  • Hallucinatory Terrain: Strange weather follows the caster, covered in sunlight in the dungeon, snowing when at the inn, etc.
  • Ice Storm: The caster's clothes are covered in frost. When they walk, the leave little patches of ice. This does not alter the terrain, but does create puddles of water that trail after the caster. They receive a +1 to saves versus fire effects.
  • Massmorph: The caster becomes stiff and loses 1" of movement. Everyone nearby constantly finds leaves in their clothing and armor.
  • Minor Globe of Invulnerability: While prepared, spells have a 3 - level chance of failure on a d6, i.e. a 1st level spell fails when the wizard casts it or has it cast against them 2 in 6 times. A 2nd level spell fails on a 1 in 6 chance.
  • Monster Summoning II:  Pentagrams float on the surface of the wizards clothing and flesh, moving freely between them.
  • Plant Growth: When near plants they visibly move to face the caster. Sprouts and grass grow up in the footprints of the wizard.
  • Polymorph Other/Self: The casters form becomes unstable. He may smell like a elk, have claws momentarily, have his hair turn into feathers, or various other transitory effects. These have the side effects of attracting predators and unnerving sentient opponents. +1 on wandering monster checks and -1 on reactions.
  • Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer: There is a 4-level chance per spell cast on a d10 that a spell when cast will not be forgotten. A first level spell has a 3 in 10 chance of being retained, a third level spell has a 1 in 10 chance of being retained.
  • Remove Curse: Caster receives a +1 bonus on saving throws. Magic items and spells have a 2% malfunction/mishap chance.
  • Wall of Fire: Caster's clothing appears to be coated in licks of fire.
  • Wall of Ice: Caster's clothing appears to be coated in sheets of ice and frost.
  • Wizard Eyes: The wizards eyes begin to bulge, and occasionally float out of their sockets.

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