On the Final 48 hours

Sinless has just been amazing guys.

If you haven't checked it out, you should back now. Campaign ends Friday. 

It's around 700 people, which is enough for success you know? It's a big enough network. I couldn't be happier—and we aren't even done with the campaign!

Here's what you need to know.

  • Future support incoming. We are already working on a seminal adventure for Sinless.
  • SRD incoming. Open license planned. Looking to hire a VTT module designer.
  • Fast table play with cybernetic ninjas, sorcery, and uplifted pug detectives. 
  • Integrated domain game.
  • All items, gear, vehicles, assets, illustrated.
  • A4 Hardcover
  • Bonus decks of cards for assets and chases
It's just a good deal! Get in and get exclusive Kickstarter content. 

If you want more information, I've got a ton of interviews, in text, audio, and video!

If you've already backed, now is the time to annoy people on social media with it.

This is and has been amazing and thank you for making something awesome like this possible. 

Talking Crit (Video)

Mildra the Monk (Audio)

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