On the Effects of Magic, 2nd level Wizard

This series was originally published in April of 2014.  This is part of an effort to update and archive these posts on the "Links to Wisdom" wiki. It is also available for a free download at DTRPG.

The magical energies contained in the brain could cause side effects. When the wizard acts as a conduit there are risks. As these are second level side-effects, the results should be minor. But higher levels of spells could certainly have more powerful or more far reaching side effects.

This makes wizards somewhat more unique based on the spells they know and can prepare. It also can make them more useful or somewhat of a liability.

Here is a listing of those side effects:

  • Audible Glamer: When the wizard walks, his footsteps echo, when he talks, his voice reverberates. This is somewhat intimidating
  • Continual Light: The caster radiates light enough to illuminate his space
  • Darkness 15' Radius: The caster's eyes turn solid pitch black, and he can see twice as far in low light conditions
  • Detect Evil: An orange flame appears above your head. Anyone who's aura you check shows you and any other magically aware observers a blue flame (if evil) or orange (if good). This is in addition to the effects of the spell
  • Detect Invisibility: Once prepared the talc and silver swirl around the caster through the air.
  • ESP: The caster's skull increases in size
  • Fool's Gold: The casters nails and hair turn a rich golden hue. She can also identify real gold on sight
  • Forget: The caster will repeat himself occasionally when he speaks
  • Invisibility: The casters skin turns translucent
  • Knock: The casters arm is inscribed with images and runic symbols that represent keys
  • Leomund's Trap: The caster gains the ability to determine if an object is locked or not via sight. The iron pyrite is absorbed into the skin when prepared and is visible on the caster's palm
  • Levitate: The caster floats an inch off the ground
  • Locate Object: An eight pointed star appears on the top of the skin on the caster's crown. If the caster has hair, only the point of the star is visible on the forehead
  • Magic Mouth: The casters lips either increase in size or turn an odd color
  • Mirror Image: A short tracer of the caster follows all his movements within about an inch
  • Pyrotechnics: Smoke comes from the casters nostrils and ears when he is agitated

  • Ray of Enfeeblement: The caster shrinks one inch in high and takes a mild stooped posture
  • Rope trick: Any rope held by the caster becomes agitated, moving about in unnatural ways
  • Scare: When the caster talks or smiles his face appears lit from below
  • Shatter: The casters voice becomes more high-pitched and increases slightly in volume while this spell is prepared
  • Stinking Cloud: The caster smells like a skunk
  • Strength: The caster grows one inch in height and appears to stand up more straight
  • Web: Cobwebs cover the casters form
  • Wizard Lock: The caster's nails sharpen and look like a substance resembling iron

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