On the Ecology of the Chimera

 "A disease of the mind, perhaps a bit of indigestion. A fancy for fools" -Ilx, Naif Merchant

Nomenclature: Chimera, Triaeon, Dewmist, 

Description: A rumor of an imaginary beast, one of the mind

Things that are known:
  • It has the head, mane and legs of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon.
Rumors and other whispers in the dark:
  • A mountain in the ancient land of Lycia had a volcano at the peak which nourished lions, a pasture on its cliffs that is attractive to goats, and the wild grasses and rocks at the bottom were infested with serpents. From this mountain comes all Chimera
  • Chimera are especially vulnerable to arrows unable to avoid any launched from the air.
  • Sometimes black dark magics merging the flesh of life produce a horrible heresy which manifests as a terrible beast, who's only weakness is time. This is the Chimera
  • The wise Yang Chu tells us that there are four chimera that prevent the soul from rest: Age, Rank, Reputation, Riches. Those possessed by these desires are followed by the four Chimera. The Chimera of life to death brings ghosts, the Chimera of power and rank brings killing men, the Chimera of integrity bringing light and fire, and the Chimera of wealth bringing chains and punishment
  •  Chimera are the manifest creations of the astral. They are star-forms sent into the world to penetrate it, and enlighten and align the world to the order dictated by the stars.
  • Chimera attack with phantoms and dreams, distorting countenance of creatures, and causing visitation by etheric ghastly visions
  • A chimera is a substance that is separate and distinct from reality, eternal, and anathema to gods
  • The Chimera sits at the end of every universe and is either the first or final cause
  • The Chimera is actually a three legged bird-lizard, the goat and serpent heads are simply effective camouflage to scare away predators. 
  • A chimera is a machine woven with silken spider webs by intelligent spiders that they ride within
  • Chimeras are a hidden disease, upon slaying a dragon, the corpse bursts open, and from within a lion attacks. When the lion is killed, his corpse in turn bursts open, and in the interior is the demonic chimera. With its suits of flesh ruined, it attacks with frenzied fury
  • Daydreamers, manifest their creations as Chimera, lugubrious beasts they attack the dreamer for daring to make them manifest
  • Echidna had nothing left but pieces when she went to forge the chimera
  • The Chimera is the sister of the hydra, they are two breeds of the same creature
  • Chimeras are secretly people who have been infected by other variations of itself, turning into creatures much more terrifying then a lion with a snake and goat head
  • Chimera are serpents with two front legs and a whip like tail
  • Chimera are all immortal and cannot die from natural causes
  • The breath of a chimera is so hot that it melts all arrowheads and sets all arrows aflame
  • All chimera are female
  • The chimera is just a word unknowing primitive creatures applied to a working forge
  • The chimera is representative of seasons of growth, harvest, and death
  • Tales of chimera with goat heads and snake heads are just the ramblings of fools, who mistake the chimeras wings for a goat head, and its lionized tail for a snake
  • Why would one fear a goat? The lion and the dragon are there to protect and shield the goat head from harm
  • The chimera is a pale sickly beast, barely able to breath and reliant on the kindness of other creatures for survival
The winged lion This chimera is a lion with wings, it does not breath fire. 

Valuable Resources 
All parts of the chimera, bone, teeth, claw, and fur, are useful for illusions and dream magics

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