On 10 Random Facts about Numenhalla

Level 1. 300+ rooms. 4 sub-levels.
Many, many character fatalities.

10 Facts about Numenhalla

  1. Numenhalla is known as the god halls, because it is where the gods walk. And they literally do walk among the halls.
  2. Typhon took the sword of Tethys, and she looks for it still, or one can surmise from the room in her hunting halls filled with swords.
  3. The Cannites live in a multi-level structure surrounding what appears to be a 200 foot tall statue of a snake, but really, it's the imprisoned foot of Typhon, king of gods.
  4. Altars provide access to the logos, a special realm where the rules are different, and those skilled in religion can explore those depths. 
  5. That giant staircase in the center will take you as far down as you please.
  6. Only one group of players has opened and explored beyond the black door that radiates cold, very near the entrance.
  7. The sun of the Soma of the Gis (the world above the dungeon numenhalla) is a flaming lance, that runs from Holdstyri to Holdstyri, the mountains that make up the edge of the world. It too, is beginning to fade.
  8. The dungeon was started the day before my daughter was born, and lives in a quadruled leather book, filled with my scrawlings. 
  9. The gigantic treasure hoards of Freya lie inside a rotating puzzle deathtrap, each vault locked with three keys, Three of metal, and three of color. 
  10. There is a gigantic shopping mall with over 50 stores + inventory, containing a variety of strange and useful wares.
Development on Numenhalla continues! You can pick it up in issues Megadungeon #1-5

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