On Ecology, Cyclops

   "It's not an eye, it's a time-sphincter" -Olabuk, mad mage

Nomenclature: One Eye, Cyclops, Logos-bound, Tartaro, Siklops, psyclops, Kyklopes or Kuklopes

Description: Giant men with a singular eye

Things that are known:
  • Giants that have one eye
Rumors and other whispers in the dark:
  • Their primary food source is man
  • They forge bolts of lightning
  • They act as host to annelids, until their lifecycle advances enough to be able to feed from humans. At this point, the cyclops discharges them through their eye into unwilling human hosts
  • Cyclopes have vestigial eye sockets with their eye in the center of their head. This is because in order to become a cyclops, one must remove their eyes
  • Cyclopes have white marble orbs in place of eyes. These are quite valuable and stealing one from a living cyclops is a feat of great daring 
  • The eye of the cyclops is unique in that it isn't covered by a lid. It rests as a sphere in the center of the forehead, hence the meaning of the name 'round-eye'
  • Cyclops are excellent engineers, working and constructing factories which produce tekno-steam marvels. They name themselves after elements and machines: bright, thundering, forge, etc.
  • They build extremely sturdy walls alternating stacking bricks to produce solid, impenetrable barriers. This brick stacking method is known as cyclopean
  • Their creativity spills over into agricultural areas, cyclopes being the first beings to develop agriculture. Legend says that every time they taught it to men, the men slew them
  • Cyclops can control the weather causing winds to bring them ships and dash them against rocks below to feast on the human corpses
  • Cyclops are noted teetotalers, becoming enraged at the thought of drunkards or dipsomaniacs
  • Cyclops cleanse their lands of all other life, having firm and immutable borders that they defend vigorously
  • Cyclopes are, at best, as intelligent as a well-behaved dog
  • The single eye grants all cyclopes great mental powers, not the least of which is prognostication, allowing them to see and change the future.
  • The cyclops is no man-like creature, but instead manifests as a stormy sky, and when approached, it reveals a malign milky sphere, a great eye; to witness the destruction it brings
  • Cyclops are bound by sorceries of the Pythagoreans, doomed to live 216 years backwards

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