On the Unity of Life

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I had a very special book as a child. It was a Victorian era book published for the purposes of swaying the Royal Society, that the very idea, the contemptuous arrogant thought of something as patently absurd as Continents moving about willy, nilly, like billiard balls on a romper table had to be stomped out, for the good of science, society, and humanity

Indeed, this was the thrust of the eighty-page fabric bound book, smelling of tobacco, yellowed pages, a glimpse into a world around just a hundred or so years before I was born. 

Plate tectonics, is without question, a core geological theory widely accepted by scientific professionals and most cogent functioning citizens. Geologists still don't know what's in the ground. Can't get there. They tried in Russia. Honestly, and believe me, I know how this sounds. They had to stop because the drill kept melting and workers could hear "the constant tortured screams of the damned".

I dunno. I wasn't there.

Certainty is a comfort for the powerless.

There's a geneticist, and he proposed a wack-a-doodle theory that humans exist, because one day, a very handsome pig met a very randy monkey princess, and they fucked a lot, and here we are today.

I'm not sure which I'm more entertained by: the theory, the manipulative rhetoric used by both proponents and opponents of the theory, or how infuriated people get when you suggest something they are quite certain about, thank you, isn't true. I imagine it's just a fraction of how the clearly intelligent hoi-polloi were aghast that some heretic would claim we evolved at some point from the chimpanzee. How dare he suggest we were just monkeys. 

You know, it doesn't stop at the monkey.

There's no separation of life. There was a pool of amino acids plus energy, single celled organisms, then multi-cellular organisms, then everyone took off trying to find something that works well for them. 

All life is related. That tree is human. That dog is a frog. That bacteria is an ant. We are all the same. All these categorizations are just based on arbitrary traits. We have the code (genomes) that lets us trace it, but the 'it' that we are tracing is a route back to a form that all life originates.

Everything may not have an ego and be 'aware' of their existence, but everything, literally every living thing has the exact same experience of existence that you do. They are alive. 

Maybe not rocks. Probably. Who knows??! not me. 

We ritually purify earth and take it to a specially purified and prepared room, with no variations in air, temperature, and motion. They keep this space inside an airlock, lest any secular impurities foil the process. They take the rock and burn it in a fire at 1000 degrees Celsius, then spin it, coating it with a shield. Then we use light to place our complex runes onto this surface. Then we put it in the liquid, where the runes take form. Then, to make the runes function, we shoot the cosmic boron and phosphorus, necessary for life, into it with a ray. Then we apply electricity and it. . . well, you're not reading this on newsprint, are you?

Is that alive? 

Could it be the first alien, the first non-earthian life? Not in outer space, but something we make ourselves. Something that is not part of 'earth-life'. When I was a child this life was primitive, and simple. Now it reminds me of things, listens when I talk,  and drives me to my in person Dungeons & Dragons games every week. For now, I'm going to enjoy the primitive and archaic forms of this new form of golem-life, comfortable in my uncertainty.

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