On the Ecology of the Centaur

  "Centaur is a euphemism, innit." -Aileas Donohoei, divorced peasant farmer

Nomenclature: Centaur, Centaurides, Centauresses, Hippocentaur, centaurelle, centaurette 

Description: The dread of nature's hate for man unleashed. Beasts endowed with human intelligence who will drive humanity back at any cost

Things that are known:
  • Beasts like horses with the minds and arms of men
Rumors and other whispers in the dark:
  • They lair near fields to rape people who leave their homes after dark
  • If all your animals are found slaughtered and cut open in the morning, centaurs have been raiding
  • Centaurs are said to skin men and attach their flesh, nailed to trees in their territory
  • They are masters of the short bow and begin engagements with focused arrow fire
  • They are extremely fond of alcohol, but also uncontrollably violent when drunk
  • Because they have no women of their own, Centaurs capture human women. It is difficult to bear a centaur child, and none are known to have survived the process
  • Centaurs have many women, and they are even more strikingly beautiful than the men
  • Centaurs are erudite and wise, but see no reason to converse with humanity
  • Centaurs don't actually coerce victims, they are so comely and powerful that people give themselves over willingly
  • Centaurs are not just horses, any quadruped has their own human-torso version. 
  • Centaurs are just a myth told by stupid people who have never domesticated horses
  • Centaurs are machines, vehicles, built for people who put their bodies in them, irrevocably attaching them
  • Occasionally centaurs are born with only two legs. Weak and sickly, they are often killed via exposure. Sometimes very lucky ones survive, raised by kind caregivers, with this dark secret
  • Everyone knows the history of man and centaur will be forever fraught with faithlessness. Neither have forgotten the battle at the wedding feast of Pirithous. So beautiful was the bride Hippodamia, that the intoxicated centaur Eurytion became turgid and inflamed with arousal, that he leapt forward and tried to carry her out back to the wild chaos of the weald
  • Centaurs are the children of lusty gods, spending their seed on goats, horses, and geese
  • Every schoolchild knows centaurs grow from trees and rocks
  • The centaur will forever remain the enemy of man, for one must kill the other to survive
  • Centaurs are a noble wise race, knowing of the science of the astral, prophecy, healing and battle
  • Centaurs are supremist
  • They are magic spirits that have no end and no beginning. They are a perfect union eternally joined, never bearing children. Their life is perpetual ecstasy, and they will suffer no outside creature demanding their affection.
  • Centaurs age very slowly and have long lives
  • If captured, centaurs can provide a milk of plenty, granting whatever whims its owner desires
  • Centaurs are creatures created to carry people between the different planar realms
  • A centaur is more horrible than anything mentioned so far. It's a horse who is so filled with wildness and savagery that they walk as a man, with the head of a horse and disproportionately long limbs ending in jagged hoof nails
  • Centaurs are said to be made in the aftermath of a horse consuming a fetus
  • Centaurs have no head, their face affixed to the chest, rising from the horse
Zebras, lions, deer, snakes, scorpions, spiders, lizards, fish, all manner of beasts and animals can grow a mind of man, extruded from their body
Combat Tricks 
Mobile archery: Centaurs never take any penalty while using a bow and moving at the same time. In addition, foliage and wooded areas provide no cover to the targets of centaur arrows
Polearm Mastery: Centaurs are treated as mounted for two handed weapons, including the increased charge bonus, gaining advantages against bipedal creatures.
Valuable Resources 
When killed centaurs break apart into dry leaves
Centaur hearts and lungs are huge and useful in the creation of golems
Centaur hair is useful in the productions of quills and brushes used in magical endeavors

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