On the Ecology of the Basilisk

 "I thought it was absurd. Certainly sculptors could create such statues—there's no mythical beast that turns men to stone. Never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. " -Olik, carpetbagger

Nomenclature: Basilisk, Ob, Oub. 

Description: A lizard hatched from an egg who's gaze turns men to stone

Things that are known:
  • Death scouts where basilisks lair
  • They are the king of all serpents, and they wear their crown of a mitre-shaped crest
Rumors and other whispers in the dark:
  • The oft ignored common garden snake wears the head of a rooster and parades around as a basilisk, mocking the other forest animals
  • The cockatrice and the basilisk are twins, one is born from a chicken egg hatched by a toad, the other from a snakes egg hatched by an raptor
  • The basilisk is just a cockatrice, except instead of a stinger on the tail, it's a live striking snake
  • It's visage is so horrible, if it catches a glance of itself in a mirror, it would instantly burst asunder with horror and fear, crinkling up like a leaf in a blaze
  • Satan, Asmodeus, and other greater devils can only walk the earth in the form of a cockatrice
  • Basilisks are wounds in reality where greater unfathomable creatures gain power over all who see it
  • The word Basilisks are slang for 'depraved' women, since the serpent is known as a hater of all creatures who can bear life
  • Reptiles cannot stand the presence of a basilisk, fleeing when one approaches
  • The basilisk has two heads, one on each end, because one mouth was too little to spray their venom
  • The basilisk is too proud to crawl upon the ground and move via virtue of multiplied flexion, it moves loftily raising its crowned head high off of the ground
  • The breath of a basilisk is so fetid, it causes flora to wilt
  • The heart of a basilisk it so foul, it can be turned as undead
  • Weasels, stoats, ferrets, and mink hunt basilisk, and are immune to any defenses the basilisk possesses 
  • A basilisk that hears the rooster crow at sunrise will be struck dead on the spot
  • Basilisks lair in fields near villages and approach women while obscured, whispering that they must bring their children or forfeit their own lives
  • Basilisks are hydrophobic
  • A basilisk can only be born from a cock's egg, which is troublesome, as you can imagine. 
  • The heart of a basilisk is contained inside the head, and it is viewing this through the basilisks eyes that causes death. A swift bruise to the head is fatal
  • When a man is killed by a foreigner, their soul manifests as a basilisk
  • The basilisk sleeps with its eyes open and can see when they are shut
Most basilisks have a gaze that turns people to stone, though this is not true of all basilisks
Golden Basilisks have a gaze that burns up whatever moves towards it
Starry Basilisks are a mottled white and cause an intense instance of horror, causing the viewer to drop dead by fright
Bloody Basilisks cause skin, muscle, and flesh to slough off becoming nothingness, leaving a skeleton

Valuable Resources 
Basilisk corpses are very useful. Hanging one from the rafters will repel spiders and swallows
Basilisk blood will grant success in petitions and provides remedies for many diseases.
Basilisk eyes are filled with arcane and eldritch power, useable in many enchantments

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