On Classic Classes: Abjurer

The race as class presented in Basic/Expert (Old School Essentials) is not a limitation, but rather a guide on how to model and create classes for players. 

The abjurer is a special focus of wizards who specialize in defensive magic and wards. Abjurers may add spells from the abjurer spell list through spell research. (p. X51) 

The prime requisite for Abjurers is Constitution. An abjurer with a Constitution score of 13 or higher gains a bonus to experience. 

Abjurers fight as magic users and save as a dwarves/halflings. They can wear non-metallic armor and shields.  They can use staves, daggers, and cudgels. They have an inability to use ranged weapons, and receive a -2 to hit with any ranged or thrown weapon.

Abjurers may create any magic items at 10th level or above, though they are able to create bracers, rings, and other magic items of protection and warding at 6th level. The prime requisite for Abjurers is Constitution. An abjurer with a Constitution score of 13 or higher gains a 

Level Title Exp. Points Hit Dice 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Guard 01d4 1
2 Recanter 2,500 2d4 21
3 Bulwark 5,0003d4 22
4 Restricter 10,0004d4 32
5 Shieldweaver20,0005d4 32 1
6 Interdictor 40,0006d4 432
7 Obstructer 80,000 7d4 4 3 2 1
8 Obviator 120,000 8d4 4 3 2 2
9 Shieldwall 200,000 9d45 3 2 2 1
10 Abjurer 280,000 10d4 5 4 3 3 1
11 11th Abjurer 360,000 10d4+2 6 4 3 3 1 1
12 12th Abjurer 440,00010d4+47 4 3 3 2 1
13 13th Abjurer 600,000 10d4+6 8 5 4 3 2 2
14 14th Abjurer 800,000 10d4+8 8 5 5 4 3 3

Abjurer Spell lists
First Level Abjurer Spells
1. Detect Magic
2. Floating Disc
3. Hold Portal
4. Light
5. Protection from Evil
6. Shield
7. Read Languages
8. Read Magic
9. Alarm
10. Verminward
11. Aegisward
12. Armor

Second Level Abjurer Spells
1. Protection from Poison
2. Protection from Plants
3. Protections from Birds
4. Everwatching Skull
5. Magic Missile Reflection
6. Protection from non-magical gas
7. Stunning Shield
8. Cloak of Warding
9. Invisiblity
10. Mirror Image
11. Wizard Lock
12. Sanctuary

Third Level Abjurer Spells
1. Protection from Evil 10' Radius
2. Nondetection
3. Protection from Normal Missiles
4. Gust of Wind
5. Protection from Undead
6. Protection from Fire/Cold
7. Dispel Magic
8. Glyph of Warding
9. Counterspell
10. Magic Circle
11. Resistance to Elements
12. Wall of Ice

Fourth Level Abjurer Spells
1. Minor Globe of Invulnerability
2. Remove Curse
3. Banishment
4. Private Sanctum
5. Death Ward
6. Stoneskin
7. Freedom of Movement
8. Minor Spell Turning
9. Protection from Elements
10. Wall of Fire
11. Wall of Force
12. Poison Ward, 10' Radius

Fifth Level Abjurer Spells
1. Avoidance
2. Dismissal
3. Invulnerability to non-magical weapons
4. Lower Resistance
5. Protection from Elements 15' Radius
6. Planar Binding / Dimensional Anchor
7. True Form
8. Spell Invulnerability
9. Spell Shield
10. Sphere of Environmental Protection
11. Spell Absorption (as Counterspell, but absorb the spell)
12. Blade Barrier

Sixth Level Abjurer Spells
1. Antimagic Shell
2. Globe of Invulnerability 
3. Repulsion
4. Spell Turning
5. Wizard Seal
6. Blade Barrier
7. Mind Blank
8. Spiritwrack
9.  Forbiddance
10. Guards & Wards
11. Break Enchantment
12. Undead Bulwark

Aegis-ward (Abjuration)
Level 1
Components: V, S, M (10gp of silver dust)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1 Turn
Duration: Till dismissed or broken.
Area of Effect: One Creature

This allows the abjurer to create a magical ward that protects a creature. It takes 10 gold pieces of silver dust in order to create a ward. While under the effect of this ward, the target gets a +1 to saves for every 4 levels of the spellcaster (minimum +1) and protects the wearer for 2 hit points of damage per level of the caster. (An eighth-level casters Aegisward would provide a +2 bonus to saves and absorb 16 hit points of damage) A creature can only be under the effect of one Aegisward at a time. It lasts until dismissed, dispelled, or it absorbs the full amount of damage. 

Stunning Shield (Abjuration)
Level 2
Components: V, S, M 
Range: 0
Casting Time: 3 
Duration: 1 turn/level or broken.
Area of Effect: Self

The target is covered in a shield that provides a +1 bonus to armor class and saves. If attacked, the target must make a saving throw versus paralyzation or become stunned for 2d4 rounds. After this attack, the shield is discharged.

Cloak of Warding (Abjuration)
Level 3
Components: V, S,
Range: 0
Casting Time: 3 
Duration: 1 rnd/level or broken.
Area of Effect: Self

Upon casting this spell, the caster is wreathed in force that absorbs 3d4 points of damage + 1d4 points per caster level. It deflects attacks until depleted or the duration expires.

Sphere of Environmental Protection (Abjuration)
Level 5
Components: V, S, M
Range: 0
Casting Time: 5 
Duration: 24 hours
Area of Effect: Self

An invisible sphere with a 20' radius surrounds the caster. Inside this sphere, the temperature is between 65 and 78 degrees as the caster desires, and no precipitation, dust, or environmental hazards can enter. It provides breathable oxygen as Airy Sphere. This protects the caster from weather between 140 degrees and -40 degrees. It makes the everyone inside immune to harmful gasses and vapors. It does not affect other solid material surfaces, such as magma.

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