On a Happy Holliday

 This year, man. 

There's some cool stuff going on. First, On Downtime and Demesnes is on sale this week only for 9.99$ on Kindle, and 19.99$ in print on Amazon. This sale will disappear on Christmas day and the book will return to normal price of 35$. This sale is only on Amazon.com

It's full of ideas and guidelines for all the space between adventures to make your players excited to explore your world. 

Secondly, I'm also happy to announce that Megadungeon #5 is FINALLY available in print! 9.99 for Print + PDF, and 4.99 for PDF. It's packed to the gills with amazing stuff. 

There's a whole section on upgrading your home base in a megadungeon campaign, maps, tricks, riddles, puzzles, and danger in the Alchemical Halls, a three level, open, Lavish Mine of Fur Slime, filled to the brim with ingenious molds, fungi, and jellies. 

And just like in every issue of megadungeon; dragons, non-player characters, and treasure maps ready for use in any campaign. 

There's a lot of art in there, along with a brilliant cover by James Shields. I think his work is amazing. He's working on a comic, and just has this huge library of art I can use when I need a fill. I mean, just look at his cover above. 

I commissioned another piece of art from Bodieh for the issue. It's also amazing. I really depend on Bodie for feedback, and just a nice reprieve. He's such a great guy. He did the cover for Megadungeon #4

He's doing this cool thing right now, where you buy a sticker pack and make player characters and non-player characters! It's only on for the next few hours, it's only available till then. 

But like, Where else can you buy a book full of Dog Wizards. I didn't stutter. It's a book filled with dogs that also happen to be wizards! 

If  you want to hand out some stuff to kids to get them into D&D, can you do better than sticker sheets? Kickstarter even gave it a 'projects we love' tag, which is just wonderful

I've been quiet for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the work which is going into Artifices, Deceptions and Dilemmas. I think you can see from the illustrations below it's quite a magnum opus. Hundreds of illustrations and detailed discussion of, well, Artifices, Deceptions and Dilemmas. 

The plan is not to disappear from the internet, like most creators once they become professional. This is risky, so I've taken some structural and legal steps to make streaming and being a public figure safer for me and my family. For now, questions about who I am and what I stand for can be found on my Biography

A workshop from Artifices, 
Deceptions and Dilemmas
Anyone who wants to ask me anything can join my discord, and I'll answer whatever you want to ask. Lots of perks and disclosure on the Patreon also. Those people who support me, this just flat out wouldn't be possible without them.

There's a lot of exciting stuff. Frog God is about to start shipping my Alchemy book soon, which is just a real milestone for me. Once it is available, there will be limited extra stock available for sale!

There's a lot of sorrow too. I lost my cat last year at Christmas and hundreds of thousands of my country-people this year. Alas, that these dark days are mine. But I think everyone knows it can't rain all the time. We will see you soon, in the coming year and beyond. Who knows what dreams may come? 

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