On Mace

 Sinless is just going great. Everyone is working, we've got people playing, the final parts are getting shored up; it's exciting.

Years ago, I noticed someone whose work reminded me of Halloway and the best of old-school D&D. Jeshields is an artist on Sinless. He lives in Alaska with his wife and more daughters than I can count (who are also artists), and he's recently decided to leave a graphic design job and illustrate full-time.

. . . 

You cannot imagine the coup this is for old-school gaming. Anyway, besides illustrating for Sinless and plenty of other old-school products, he's running a Kickstarter for MACE, a book of useable monsters. It's a much more concrete book and should work nicely with Bestial Encounters Caused by Monstrous Inhabitation.

Check it out here: MACE, monster and character encounters

I'm a backer at the highest level because it's the best work in the field. Already funded. Check it out before it's too late!

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