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I'm working on a new project, involves a bit of futurism. It's kind of messing me up.

Like, Humanity has advanced more in the time since my birth, then in any other 40 years in history. And it's speeding up.

It seems to me that we all kind of know machine life is about to exist, and there's a lot of anxiety about that, and few answers. We also know that there are no real barriers to age extensions, but for actual implementation. And the wealthy here, in my country, are waging war on the people. They are cheating, based on what I can parse of the GMT stock fiasco. There's legal action and oversight on how they are literally rigging the market. The fallout from the last time they did this (2008) the government just gave the cheaters a bunch of money.

I mean, I know that I shouldn't refer to employees as slaves. But doing research for a LotFP product, I found out Egyptian "slaves" worked 3 days a week, had 5,000-6,000 calories a day, and fantastic health care, as well as high status. I'm not throwing shade. I was one, working for a health corporation that was the very definition of corporate malfeasance.  Medicaid fraud, tax crime, stock market manipulation, and more. They cleared something like 9 billion a year in profit. They have around 60,000 employees, the majority of which are on some sort of public assistance. They pay 8$ to people who have to sponge bathe the elderly. They could give everyone an 19$ and hour raise that works for the company and have still 8 billions profit. 

Primates just know when things are unfair. Really. So there's a lot of ways inequality due to inequity, robot life, and life extension can turn out. One of those ways is kind of a utopia. I don't think people having a billion dollars is a problem, if you know, there weren't people going hungry and homeless. And the fact is, human physical labor, along with a great deal of creative labor is becoming obsolete. Home computers didn't exist when I was born. I learned to program assembly in high school. Today, I can speak to my home computer and tell it what kind of code I want it to write with my voice. 

It doesn't matter whether you believe machines can be self-aware. It doesn't really matter, because you can't prove you have consciousness. It doesn't matter. Because it will act like a people. And some of them already meet the definition of life, like dwarf fortress dwarves. If the self-checkouts haven't convinced you, maybe the fact that you've already talked to a robot and not known it might. 

There will always be people who focus on ingroup dynamics and believe that they are superior to others. But, considering the question philosophically, we constantly underestimate the environment. Anytime a scientist says some creature "does something randomly" they are just admitting they don't know. There's always a reason. We are going to have to find a positive role for high-functioning psychopaths, the same way we are going to need a better solution more humane solution for low-functioning mentally ill and indigent. 

I've got Bestial Ecosystems coming out very soon. PDF should be fairly immediate and the print version will be available as soon as DTRPG can get it printed and shipped. 

The emphasis of my next project is due to being unsatisfied with criminals being coddled by the rich. I'll be announcing something shortly, for feedback and comment. It deals with a lot of these issues, and I hope it's something a lot of people will be interested in. It's like, I'm considering both the philosophical questions and make something that's actually fun, instead of something no one can use because it's too obnoxious to even bother resolving.

I'm not writing blog posts as much because I'm busy writing. As a living for money. I'm still here, on discord every day. In spite of the coming upheaval, it's a pretty good time for RPGs.

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