On a Definitive Table for Avoiding Death

Hit Points are abstract. 

Do you feel that your games might like more realistic combat wounds and damage without losing the ease and abstraction of hit points? Would you like critical hits and wounds that create gradations beyond down at 0 up at +0? One that takes into account all types of damage?

Go ahead and download the free Pandect if you are already interested.

The core of this system doesn't change default gameplay, it just creates a space between 0 hit points and dead, where damage results in actual wounds and permanent damage instead of death. Perhaps you'd like a less lethal and a more gritty setting—this isn't for all games. It's a poor fit for super heroic games like 5e and Pathfinder at level 7+

The other advantage is that it makes players significantly more resilient in low level games. Once your hit points are gone, instead of being dead you are subject in increasingly severe wounds. It helps character survival, adds character (people dig scars), and creates more realistic consequences for adventure for games like AD&D, OSE, and other low fantasy settings!

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