On Megadungeon #5

 I hope everyone is doing well! 

Megadungeon #5 is available in PDF. Print will be coming soon!

It's got new dragons and non-player character's, three amazing dungeons; the lavish mine of fur slime, the alchemical trials, and the tunnels of the tuth. It's got articles on how megadungeons are exciting and upgrading your home base in a megadungeon campaign, with examples for arclight. Drain your player's funds by allowing them access to dangerous grenades and weapons! 

It's over 60 pages and my daughter made the table of contents on her own accord!

People are, I think, sleeping on this, so here's some insides. 

Did I mention it's illustrated on nearly every page? AND it's only 5$? Get on it, without delay!

Hack & Slash 

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