On Cravenpeter's Dream Auction

Deaths continue to more than double from the Coronavirus every 30 days. Racism is so integral to america that protesting it seems like protesting America itself.

Now is not the time for me to speak, so I won't, beyond saying BLACK LIVES MATTER, and
encouraging you to contact your representative to let them know your concerns. The number that will put you in touch with your representative is the capital switchboard at  (202) 224-3121.

I do have to work. So, I'm happy to announce:

Gold & Glory: Cravenpeter's Dream Auction

I've written a new module for GOLD AND GLORY, a savage worlds engine designed for solo or group dungeon crawls!

Rich items await in the auction of Maximillian Ernesto Cravenpeter Esquire the Mediocre. A powerful archmage is publicly retiring and is holding an auction for his eclectic and exotic items.
Maximillian, a powerful wizard in no way overcome with paranoia and petty concerns, has always had little trust or respect for anyone who would covet his things. As a security measure he has contacted the Green Feather agents—fae mesmerists, who have agreed to hold the auction in a dream within Maximillian’s psyche. This works flawlessly, protecting both the clients and the auctioned
objects, as long as no deep psychic disturbances exist.

Obviously, with a name like Cravenpeter, the chance for psychological trauma is surely nonexistent.

It's a fun jaunt into realms of dreams and weirdness. There's a talking moose, sexy bards, and noble knights. I've done the illustrations for it also.

It's 4.99 on DTRPG. 30 pages, ten magical items powerful and unique, eight competing dream bidders, and psychological weirdness.

If the chaos in this nation dies down, I've got quite a lot of work coming out and we'll see lots of new exciting things here.

Hack & Slash 
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