On Magical +1 Weapons

It's not only swords that need the +1 love.

Part of a series in the OSR on magical +1 swords that are not +1 swords.
Different Magic Swords: A Proposal by JD Jarvis
Evocative +1 Sword Replacements by Gus L.
Weird Swords and Not Swords by Arnold K.
On Magical +1 Swords by -C

Studded Stunner
This mace is notable because the ball that the rounded metal studs are attached to is invisible. It is also known as Sharak-mok in dwarven low speech, as the weapon is of dwarven make. When striking an opponent, a bright burst of light is released from this invisible ball with what sounds like a clap of thunder, causing all low intelligence and lower creatures to immediately make a morale check. On a critical the target hit by the mace must save versus paralyzation or be stunned for a moment, losing their next action. The mace is quite heavy, doing +1 damage for those who can effectively wield it.

Scythe of Blood
This is an ancient weapon, looking tarnished with use. It appears as a normal scythe, except in the hands of a druid. When held by a druid it appears rich in color and vibrant, rather than an arcane relic. Anyone struck by this weapon when wielded by a druid continues to take a point of damage from bleeding every round. This blood flies through the air and into the scythe which then grants that hit point to the druid. The bleeding and hit point absorption is cumulative. When worn by a druid it is always mistaken for a tool and never a weapon.

Spear of Force
This is a wizard weapon. It consists of no more than a 9" piece of arcane wrought silvered steel cylinder. When the command word is said (Munder-Ca, death lance in the old arcane speech.) a 8' glowing shaft of force with a sharp point springs from the steel. This force is cool to the touch and unbreakable. The tip is quite sharp and any wizard may use this weapon as if he is proficient with it.

Orcish Maul
Yugish the smith of the bloodtooth clan forged this mighty maul. Those who chant the battle cry of death to their enemies deal devastating blows. Each time the player is able to shout the battle cry (TORK! TORK! TORK!) from the moment the damage die leaves their hand till it stops rolling, can add 1 point of damage to the attack. They must yell this quite loudly, and there is a 1% chance per yell that their voice goes out for 2-24 hours.

Dwarven Hammer
This well-balanced hammer has the screaming face of a dwarf at the top, with arms going out to either side, the heads of the weapon dwarven fists. When wielded by a dwarf it is light and agile, granting a +1 to hit and damage, but it may also be thrown to do double damage. The weapon need not be retrieved. There is a 25% chance per melee round that the hammer returns to it's scabbard, a golden ring that the hammer hangs from.

Bow of Brilliance
This shortbow is made from golden wood. It is unstrung. When drawn as a normal bow, it produces a bowstring and arrow made from light. This missile is fired with no bonus from strength to damage. It does normal damage, however it will also affect incorporeal targets and targets only affected by magical weapons.

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  1. See also the Swedish Kitchen Maul, for which the player must cry BORK! BORK! BORK!

  2. YES to the Orcish Maul! The rules need more player-interaction. Love it.

  3. I rather like the mace with the invisible parts... fun visual.


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