On Magical +1 Swords

Swords should feel magical.

Part of a series in the OSR on magical +1 swords that are not +1 swords.
Different Magic Swords: A Proposal by JD Jarvis
Evocative +1 Sword Replacements by Gus L.
Weird Swords and Not Swords by Arnold K.


This shortsword appears to have a metallic green blade that quickly darkens to black as it moves towards the tip. Vegetation and plants near the wielder curl, rot, and wither as he passes by. It can be stuck into earth to salt the soil, and does triple damage versus plants and vegetative creatures. It has a scabbard made of stone and set with a single opal.

This longsword is scorched and blackened. It is unwieldy and heavy making it somewhat difficult to use with one hand. The blade appears to constantly weep some sort of thick viscous substance. This substance with a modicum of effort can be set aflame by taking 1 round. When aflame, the blade does an additional 1d6 points of damage to targets, and on a roll of 6 or if the target is covered in oil, may set the target aflame. The blade is unharmed by this flame, but it provides no protection to the wielder, who takes 1 point of damage per round the sword is aflame, as well as taking 1-6 points of damage from fire on a roll of a '1' to hit in combat.

Alchemist's Friend
This short blade always appears immaculate and new. The round pommel of the sword unscrews. and there is space for up to 3 doses of any alchemical reagent to be placed within the sword. Once placed within the sword, the user may either have these alchemical items be triggered on a successful hit, or, can attack any target they are in melee with the reagent at no danger or penalty. This attack is with the alchemical item itself, usually requiring only a touch attack versus the target, as opposed to having to bypass the armor class of the target (as the attack triggered on a successful hit must do).

Cat's claw
This short blade has a green cast to it's metal. Anyone who wields this weapon for a substantial amount of time finds their pupils becoming more and more vertical. When drawn and held forth, the wielder can see in the dark up to 120'. Also the blade is light and agile. Any hit that exceeds the targets armor class by 4 or more allows the user to immediately attack again once per round. The weapon is too light to take advantage of a high strength, strength provides no to hit or damage bonuses with this weapon, though any bonuses to dexterity do provide a bonus to hit and damage.

When wielding the sword, you smell like garbage. The scabbard is some kind of plastic sack filled with filth. Any wound you cause with this sword has an 80% chance of getting a nasty infection. Anyone who engages you in combat must save versus poison become weak and nauseated, receiving a -1 on rolls and armor class each round they engage in combat with you. Leaving the sword behind, attempting to hide the sword, or using perfumes and magic to mask the scent does nothing. This affects all your social interactions providing a substantial penalty.

Temper's edge
This sword pulses red when drawn. The wielder receives a penalty to wisdom and becomes extremely argumentative. They find themselves believing that people are plotting against them, and start developing plants to murder or destroy people and things around them. They don't take action on these feelings, recognizing them as abnormal, but their patience is extremely limited. During any encounter where an opponent is neutral or worse, the bearer must roll a saving throw versus paralysis to avoid attacking. All of that said, once combat begins, the sword glows and pulses red granting both an extra attack and a +2 bonus to damage against all targets.

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  1. This is awesome, and all of these weapons have so much potential. I may have to add to this series myself!

  2. I really like Blackthumb. Stinkshaft is pretty cool, too. It'd go well with some filthy rags that gave protection as plate mail.


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