HotDQ stands for Hoard of the Dragon Queen, the first adventure path for 5th edition. This adventure path is complicated and requires a lot of skill from the people who run it.

This page is an index of both the articles I've written and other resources available to make running Hoard of the Dragon Queen one of the best experiences with Dungeons and Dragons your group has ever had. It contains advice for new Dungeon Masters, theory-crafting in practice, identifies points of conflict and possible problems and issues within the modules itself. This page also contains refrences to other online resources.

This will be updated both as new resources become available and as I write about and publish online the resources I used for my game.

Enjoy the collection:

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Index

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode I: Part I
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode I: Part II
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode I: Part III

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode II: Part I
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode II: Part II

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode III: Part I
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode III: Part II

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode IV: Part I
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode IV: Part II

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode V

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode VI: Part I
Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode VI: Part II

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode VII

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Episode VIII

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Coda
Resources (Coming Soon)

Other Resources

Power Score Tyranny of Dragons Overview

Hoard of the Dragon Queen Errata
Steve Winter on Errata (EN World)
Steve Winter on Tyranny of Dragons

Ed Greenwood on the Cult of the Dragons secondary goals

Bryce Lynch's Ready Ref & Episode I Remix

WotC Tyranny of Dragons Adventure League (events during the Tyranny around the Moonsea)

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  1. Thanks for the link to my blog! I don't know how I missed those Ed Greenwood articles...

  2. Awesome resource. Wish I had seen it a while back. I did just print the Harper letter to drop off with my PCs in our next session.

  3. Is there ANYWHERE that gives details on the The Order of the Gauntlet? I can only find about a paragraph or so, so I assume its a new faction? Ther is plenty of info on the Harpers, Emerald ENclave, etc...

  4. I'm looking for somewhere that has a good collection of paper minis or tokens for use on roll20, any idea where to get some?

  5. Also your "coming soon" seems awful misleading on the word soon...

    1. I am going to play through the adventure before I write the Coda. I have plans to share the resources I'm creating for the adventure also.

      If you're following the blog, you're aware that my wife has cancer, I have a full time job, and a 2 year old daughter, and I'm doing this as a second job. If you'd like me to do this full time, there's a link right at the top of the page so you can be a patreon in order to support making this a priority and a way of paying my bills.

  6. I've enjoyed and appreciated what you've got so far, and I'm looking forward to the Coda and Resources. I plan on beginning to run a PbP campaign of this over the summer.
    Don't know if you've seen this, but I found a page over on Reddit ( that discusses some ideas for a map that was commissioned for an abandoned chapter of HotDQ that was supposed to help transition to RoT. It seems to have involved giants, and possibly some orcs and dwarves, near where the flying castle crashes at the end (or lands, if Blagothkus is appropriately persuaded.

  7. I'm finding this invaluable for prep of my next session. Did you ever run (or read) Rise of Tiamat too?

  8. greetings, just a quick hi and further to Patrick's comment, have you any updates on Rise of Tiamat?

  9. Courtney, you are beautifully opinionated! And what is even more beautiful is that i don't even have to agree with you -though i really think i do on this topic.Even if i didn't, i still love reading your blog. You are very clear.

    Granted, it has been about forty years since i last played B2. What i remember about it is this. It was a deceptively simple adventure. Simple in that while all the necessary tools to facilitate good role playing were actually laid before the DM & players, it was very easy as novices to miss these opportunities. As novice gamers, we didn't really understand yet what we were doing or what a rpg was about. In that state of being, the sessions inevitably devolved into hack & slash, and became very repetitive. That is a detail that shapes my and i am sure countless other explorers of B2, and not really a fault of the module itself -unless we are going to fault there being a learning curve in role playing as a design flaw. And, sure, that is one's option as well -but not the one i choose. I see no reason to believe that Gary Gygax expected us to get it right the first time around

    Could this learning curve to avoid the hack fest been avoided, or mitigated?Perhaps. I think that as you pointed out, that Gygax left good tools in the module to facilitate role-play. However, as an instruction module, perhaps he assumed too much that novice DMs and Players would actually understand the importance of these opportunities. It may have been useful to be more on the nose about this. But in the end, that is a style decision. Eventually this is something that DMs and Players have to internalize on their own. And i see no reason to believe that Mr Gygax expected us to fully incorporate all the tools presented in the module the first time around.

    Forty years after the fact, i believe i could lead a group of players through the Caves of Chaos, and offer them a very satisfying experience. But i had to fumble through the dungeon, both as a player and as a DM, doing everything wrong in the beginning to get to where i am. Keep in mind, there is so much more than role-playing that we were learning in B2, and even when it turned into a big blood bath, we were gaining basic skills we needed to play D&D. So when i remember B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, instead of remembering a boring, repetitive hack & slash module, i choose to remember something else. I remember that first extensive adventure i played with my older brothers back when we were all just figuring out what D&D was, and making a lot of mistakes along the way. And when i hear and read peoples comments today about how terrible the module was, i can't help but smile and suspect that they have forgotten exactly where they were along the path of learning the game when they first visited the Keep & cleansed the Caves of Chaos! :)


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