On Strong & Weak Henchmen Forces

A house rule, to speed up play involving entourage or henchmen heavy play.

The Weak Henchmen Force

Each henchmen in combat with a player character raises that characters armor class by 1. When ever the player hits an opponent, the player does an extra point of damage for each henchmen involved in the melee.

The Strong Henchmen Force

As above, but the bonus is 1d4 damage when the player hits.

Note that this only applies to the player's henchmen in melee with the player. If your henchmen have ranged weapons, even if they are not the henchmen of the PC using ranged weapons, the ranged weapon using PC gains the benefit of the ranged henchmen for the duration of the missile fire. If no PC's are using ranged weapons, then the henchmen will not either due to fear of hitting their bosses.

This provides a reason for the monsters to go after henchmen (they have become ablative armor and damage bonuses).

If your loyalty is high enough (Fanatical) , you may also use henchmen as shields as in 'All Shields Must be Splintered!"


  1. All henchmen must be splintered, I like it :D

  2. Yoinked. I like it; D&D melee is so abstract and vague I can't see why this shouldn't be used.

  3. Armor class goes up by 1 or armor class improves by 1?

  4. Armor class improves by one. They are your ablative armor.

  5. Very interesting. I don't think my players would want to pay the upkeep for henchmen if they are only effectively a shield, but this could have really streamlined some battles I've had with lots of hirelings.

    And for entourage, wow, I think with this rule I might try entourage play when we next roll up first levelers. Thanks!

  6. The "splintering henchmen" has been published already by SJG in Star Munchkin RPG. You can kill one of your redshirts instead of being hit or failing a save, if i remember correctly.

  7. Credit now properly given at http://deathandaxes.blogspot.com/2014/10/easy-ass-retainers.html


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