On the Effects of Magic, 8th Level

This series was originally published in April of 2014.  This is part of an effort to update and archive these posts on the "Links to Wisdom" wiki. It is also available for a free download at DTRPG.

The magical energies contained in the brain causes side effects. When the wizard acts as a conduit, there are risks. As these are eighth-level side effects, they are quite powerful.

This makes wizards somewhat more unique based on the spells they know and can prepare. It also can make them more useful or somewhat of a liability.

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  • Antipathy/Sympathy: The wizard exerts a strong influence on anyone nearby. If a reaction roll is made and the wizard is visible, any result over 7 adds 2 to the reaction roll, and any result under 7 subtracts 2. If the wizard actually deigns to speak, the increase for any rolls above 7 increases to +4 and the penalty for any rolls under 7 increases to -4.
  • Bigby's clenched Fist:  The casters hands double in size, and his arms become larger to support them. He is considered to have a strength of 18, as normal for thrusting damage and bludgeoning damage, but has his normal strength for slashing weapons.
  • Clone: While this spell is prepared, the caster frequently hallucinates that he is talking and seeing himself. 
  • Glassteel: The caster turns completely transparent, looking much like a crystal statue of himself while this spell is prepared. This effect is intermittent. His armor class is improved by 1 while the spell is prepared.
  • Incendiary Cloud: Smoke billows out from beneath the casters robe and sleeves. His eyes, mouth and nose glow when he breathes. A strong smell of sulpher permeates the space around him.
  • Mass Charm: The wizard becomes influential. Add 1 to all bell curve social rolls that the wizard attempts, and add 2 to all flat die rolls to influence, bluff, lie or convince someone.
  • Maze: The pupils of the casters eyes become a shifting maze. Anyone who locks eyes with the caster for a segment or more must save versus Paralyzation or become confused.
  • Mind Blank: While this is prepared the caster gains a +2 bonus to resist all attempts to mentally, psychically, or otherwise charm, damage or influence her. Also, it makes detecting and scrying on the caster more difficult.
  • Monster Summoning VI: The caster is surrounded by free-floating glowing pentagrams. They shed light to 30' and hum. Anyone attacking the wizard will take 1d6 + 2 damage from the electrical energy discharged by the pentagrams.
  • Otto's Irresistible Dance: The wizard can no longer walk normally. She either floats, dances, glides, or in some way travels unnaturally when she attempts to move. 
  • Permanency: There is a 1% chance while this is memorized that any spell the caster casts never ends. Note that this can be very bad and usually is.
  • Polymorph any object: Objects that the caster is holding or wearing change shape without warning. Once released or given away, they usually return to their basic form.
  • Power Word, Blind: The casters voice becomes loud, raising in volume by 30-40 decibels (About the level of a chainsaw). Even if attempting to whisper, her voice is loud.
  • Serten's Spell Immunity: While prepared this grants the caster a +2 bonus versus the spells it protects against.
  • Symbol: When speaking or attacking, there is a 1% chance that a random symbol floats from the casters mouth, affecting a single target. 
  • Trap the Soul: The caster makes everyone uneasy.

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