On Never Being Able to Find a Table When You Need One

So, this blog is a resource for me (blog roll, links, etc.) with stuff for other people just being a side benefit. Traditionally I run 1st edition, hence why there's a big psionicist writeup for 1st edition on the right (putting all the rules in one place, etc.)

I see lots of awesome tables and such on various blogs - but never quite where I need them. I'm going to use this post to collect them in one place whenever I run across them. Please take the time to leave links to any random table on a blog you might use! Thanks! I'll link this too the left and add to it every time I run across an interesting table. Please feel free to praise your own blogs & tables! You can find many of my own random tables in my Treasure (many random treasure & good types) and Tricks, Empty Rooms & Basic Trap Design (100 things found in pits, 100 interesting corridors, infinite magical fountains and more!) documents.

Making this list, I'm considering organizing them by theme.

Mine, first of all, :-)
Spellbook Traps (52 options)
Dungeon Entrances (66 options)

Interesting stairways (62 options, Sham's Grog 'n Blog)
100 Interesting Character Traits (100 options, Sham's Grog 'n Blog)
Carousing Mishaps (20 options, Jeff's Gameblog)
What's the Orc Got In His Pockets? (20 options, Jeff's Gameblog)
Corridor Materials (57 options, d100, Jeff's Gameblog)
Ceiling Materials (57 options, d100, Jeff's Gameblog)
Floor Materials (57 options, d100, Jeff's Gameblog)
Other Materials (37 options, d100, Jeff's Gameblog)
Random Tables (A Character for Every Game)
Random Randomness (12 options (of random tables!), A Character for Every Game)
Dungeoneer Cache (51 options, Aeons & Augauries)
Random Curses (Tiered Table, 48 options, A Character for Every Game)
Peasants with Magical Weapons (12 options, Blog of Holding) 
Lady (or Dude) of the Night - The Morning After. (20 options, ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog)
What Happens When A Spellbook Dies? (10 options, Dungeons & Digressions)
Superstitious Dungeoneers (30 options, Dungeons & Digressions)
Taxes, Tariff's & Fines (30 options, Dungeons & Digressions)
Random City Events (30 options, Dungeons & Digressions)
Random Hirelings (10 options, Planet Agol)
Random Mercenary (10 options, Planet Agol)
Mind Wizard & Assassin Traits (20 options each, Planet Agol)
NPC Traits (Tiered Table, Planet Agol)
Pulpy Planetary Romance Generator (Tiered Table,  Savage Swords of Athanor)
Random Drug creation (Tiered Table,  Monsters & Manuals)
Chaos Patrons (Tiered Table, Monsters & Manuals)
Hireling Background (12 options, Monsters & Manuals)
What's in the Hole? (100 options, Beyond the Black Gate)
Random Megadungeon Area Name Generator (Tiered Table, Beyond the Black Gate)
Random Trap Disarming Table (100 options, Beyond the Black Gate)
Quick and Dirty Weather Tables (Tiered Table, The Mule Abides)
Dragon Generator (Tiered Table, Old Guard Gaming Accouterments)
Humanoid Trait Tables (Tiered Table, A Hamsterish Hoard of Dungeons & Dragons)
Random City Encounters (30 options, RetroRPG)
Wilderness Dressing (50 options, Greyhack Grognard)
Dungeon Motivations (100 entries, Dungeonskull Mountain)
What are those wandering monsters doing? (11 entries, 1d8)
Death Experience (20 entries, Underworld Kingdom)
I Make A Pass At The Tavern Wench (30 entries, Underdark Gazette)
Things About Villains (100 entries, D&D with Porn Stars)
Things About Villains, Again (100 entries, D&D with Porn Stars)
Random Angel Generator (Various, Underdark Gazette)
99 Rites of Fairy Creatures (100 entries, Blog of Holding)
Appearance of Underworld forests (Various, Underworld Kingdom)
Giant Slug Properties (Various, Underworld Kingdom)
Disturbing Standards (6 entries, Underworld Kingdom)
Wizard Obsessions (20 entries, Rolang's Creeping Doom)
Random Hermit Generator (various, Rolang's Creeping Doom) 
Random God Generator (various, Rolang's Creeping Doom)
The Dungeon Dozen (all)
100 Random Impedimentia (100 entries, d4 caltrops)
Mundane Items table (pdf download, Swords & Dorkery)
Who the Hell is This Jerk Henchman (100 entries, the only successful one) 
100 Endings to Conversations (100 entries, Kobold Quarterly)
18 Common Hireling Motivations (18 entries, Rolang's Creeping Doom)
20 Wilderness Situations (20 entries, Magician's Manse)
28 Random Domain Events (28 entries, Land of Nod)
100 Peculiarities (50 entries, A Dandy in the Underworld)
20 Ossuary Finds (20 entries, Underworld Kingdom)
Random Building Contents (100 entries, Beyond the Black Gate)
Random Castle Leader and Minions (Jeff's Gameblog)
Random Castle Leader and Minions (Planet Agol)
50 Ring Types (Papers & Pencils)
Strange Gang Motivations and Descriptions (Monster Manual Sewn From Pants)
Gonzo Magic Weapon History Tables (A Wizard's Kiss)
Portals. Seriously lots of portals (Lost Pages)
Random Graffiti (Tired table, Tower of the Archmage)
Never-Ending Stairs (20 options, Tower of the Archmage)
Unleash Hounds (50 dogs, Swordfish Islands)
Magic Item Curses (30 entries, Roles, Rules, and Rolls)
Signs of Other Parties in the Dungeon (20 entries, Dungeon of Signs)
Weird Taboo Generator (Blessings of the Dice Gods)
Job/Mission Generator (Blessings of the Dice Gods)
Hireling Orientation (Blessings of the Dice Gods)
What's Up With These Undead? (A mind-blowingly good table from Deep Delving)
Some Potions (Deep Delving)
Gads of Goblin Goodies (The Land of Nod)
List of Monster Names (Monster Manual Sewn from Pants)
The best Random Hamlet Name Generator on the Web (Jeff's Gameblog)
Dungeon and Ruin random environmental hazards (Aeon's and Auguries)
100 Dungeon Concepts (Mines of Khunmar)
Pool of Visions (Nine and 30 Kingdoms)
Trick Tome of Knowledge (Nine and 30 Kingdoms)
d20 Curses (Goblin Punch)


  1. A very fine collection, and honored to be included! ;)

  2. I suggest someone compile all these in a PDF or something for easy off-line referencing at the game table.

  3. Man, I thought about it, but short order that would involve contacting every author and getting permission. Some of whom haven't updated their blog in months. Also, the list is woefully incomplete.

    Who knows though?

  4. Bookmarked! Thank you :) I'll be sure to leave links to more as I come across them.

  5. I use my Character Generation Shortcuts instead of rolling for starting gold and shopping whenever I need to create characters for newbies. There is also an expanded PDF.

    Currently it only has backgrounds for fighters, clerics and magic users; need to write some stuff for demihumans and thieves. :)

  6. Great collection. Same idea I had that lead to my own Random Randomness post this week (that you linked to).

    I love random tables.


  7. One I just found: Ghoul Tactics from the Mule Abides.

  8. I have not added the suggestions in the comments to the post, because they are in the comments. :-)

  9. Are odd dice okay? I've got a D57 table of magical side effects, along with some others.

  10. Absolutely! If a table isn't on the above list, it's because A) it's linked in the comments, or B) I haven't ran across it yet.

  11. Great resource. You have my permission to use the two Swords & Dorkery tables in your pdf. :)

  12. I've recently posted a few tables on my blog. The 1st is things that might be found in a box in a dungeon, the 2nd is a variety of boxes that might hold things in a dungeon. Enjoy! :-)

    Things In A Box

    What Kind Of Box?

  13. Mine random goodness:

  14. Awesome collection! Will be mining for goodness, indeed!

  15. I found this post a while back and thought it was a great Idea since blog posts tend to get lost over time. Here's one to add to your list:


  16. Some people might be interested in my tables website. I'm not updating it at the moment because of other projects, but there's a lot on there:


  17. A bunch of randomizer stuff, including various tables: http://www.pbegames.com/

  18. Sweet, I've been needing this.
    Will include mine and some other peoples I like

    that is a d20 of traps

    d20 table on why a npc is being unhelpful


    a d100 name table
    (between some stuff about archetype classes and pictures of a Pegasus )

    1d100 table of mutations

    d30 table of mutations

    urban crawl tables for sigil


  19. quick list of other peoples
    Sweet encounter tables, including ones for the entire planet earth:


    You hit undead and worse stuff happens table


    weird urban occupations for DCC

    tables for toad licking and spider god healing hi-jinks




    random cabaret table
    (this site has plenty of other good stuff, you should dig and rechoice)


    WAMPUS country, also damn fine, also lose yourself here , some examples


    Random diversions


    d20 magic guns from yet another blog I need to spend more time reading


  20. Great list of resources!!
    I've got another one for you to add: Madness Chart: http://warlockshomebrew.blogspot.com/2011/09/madness-chart.html

  21. There's an excellent set of tables (many of them 1-page PDFs) on this subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/behindthetables


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