On a Crisis of Housing


It is wild times out there.

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This week, I personally became aware of the increasing homeless in our city. The Mortgage Bankers Association released a report saying over six million citizens of the United states of America did not pay rent in September. That's more than 1 in every hundred Americans. 

You can't trust anything, but you should know that the MBA noted above is a Political Action Committee that is non-partisan. That is to say, they are partisan to the housing industry. Their data is likely accurate. We can see here how they conduct themselves for yourself, but it appears they use their influence as a PAC to advance housing interest, and not a specific party.

I worked in a hospital that had a women's unit for 7 years. There I worked with many women with many challenges; and I came to understand just how differently a housing crisis puts women at risk then it does men. And I tell you again, I can see this here, in my local community, over the last few weeks. 

There are some people who still feel that voting (no matter your politics) doesn't matter. But no matter who you vote for, if politicians see people taking initiative to vote, then they will understand that to stay in power, they will need to address the concerns of the voters. So no matter who you vote for, vote. Millions of men in the past gave their lives so you have that power. 

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