On the Birthday Surprise, a Dread Eyrie!

Well, I turn older in a few days, but THIS year, I've accomplished a life long goal.

Finally, someone else has published something I've written!

This is amazing. I can't believe it.

So, if you think I'm full of crap-here's an example of how I'd write a good module. I've been talking shit providing insight into adventure design for so long, why not check it out and see how I do when put up to the test?


Eyrie of the Dread Eye!

It's 56 (!) pages, an homage to the Forbidden City. It's available from Drive Thru RPG in .pdf and Print (coming soon!). There's a plan in place to get .pdf price is deducted if you decide to get the print on demand in two weeks!

I've been writing about the classic style gaming for over a decade now. What do I do when I have the reigns for designing a high or mid-level module? Here's an adventure for high level characters that doesn't involve a stupid corridor of unavoidable fights or complete nullification of the players powers.  Oh! Bullet points!
  • A quest beyond the Dark Wall!
  • An adventure with an assumption of dynamic encounters?
  • Climbing AND Wyverns. Together! It's like peanut butter and jelly!
  • An ancient 400' tall statue, guarding a hidden eyrie. How will the players activate or bypass the mysterious mechanism?
  • A city filled with factions, each ripe for exploitation.
  • Opportunities for players to get unique and powerful treasures!
  • It's written for Adventurer Conqueror King, so it's completely off-the-shelf compatible with not only the one of the best clones ever written, but also seemlessly used with any Basic/Expert Dungeons and Dragons compatible system.
It's 4.99! This is a discount on when the Print on Demand comes out in a week! 5e version and Print on demand coming soon!

My first book published guys. I've got more coming out soon, but this one is first. I poured myself into it. 

Am I full of crap, or is this a good mid-high level adventure? Only one way to find out, and it's pretty cheap. Eyrie of the Dread Eye, available for the pittance of 4.99! Bonus materials coming to Patreon!

Happy Birthday to me!

Hack & Slash 
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  1. Whoah, my favorite RPG author writing for my favorite rules system. Did NOT see that coming!

    Purchased within 5 seconds of finding link.

  2. That's awesome! Congrats!

    Could you add a small preview so we can see what layout/maps look like on the store page? That's a big part of whether or not I buy a product.

    1. You bet brother, I'll have a post up tomorrow with some internal pages, and other promotional stuff. I'll also be posting .vtt versions of the maps on my Patreon!

  3. Having someone else publish what you made must be so gratifying. We can all toil in our basement but having someone pay you for it - that’s real affirmation.

    Great job Courtney.

  4. It was an instant purchase for me.

  5. Congratulations. I know that feeling, and it's pretty amazing. I'm glad you get to experience it, too!

  6. Thanks Courtney. I really enjoyed your design series. I'm eager to look at a complete adventure module following your design philosophy.

  7. Not that it at all matters, seeing as I've already purchased - can we expect the 5e version as part of the same product, or will it be separate?

    1. The 5e module is a different product. It was rewritten to adhere to the more superheroic expectations of 5e.


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