On Streaming, Art, and Joy

Since working on Dungeons is my full time job, I'm in that desperate sole-proprietor work a bunch of hours every day, joy in doing what I love sort of excitement.

As a way to reach more people, as well as allowing people to support me at no cost to themselves, I've become a Twich.tv affiliate! I stream four days a week, and do all of my art during those hours. If you like my dungeon maps, you can come hang out with me and other creatives you're familiar with in my community while I draw and paint!

What's more, if you have amazon prime, you can subscribe to the channel to support me financially at no cost to you! (Well, no cost other than time and attention, which I'm already thankful for). All Amazon Prime users get one free subscription to twitch prime monthly!

My schedule is below:
Tuesday: 11am-4pm Art and layout
Wednesday: 11am-7pm Dungeon Drawing
Friday: 11am-4pm Art & Painting Miniatures
Saturday: 3pm-? Variety stream, either painting or grindtastic video games like Disgaea 2, Hearthstone* Warframe, or Grim Dawn

Getting to spend time with friends and laughing and making beautiful maps and drawings? It's a great time with great people! I'm just getting started, so I'll be looking forward to see you all!

Watch me (AgonarchArtist) on: https://www.twitch.tv/agonarchartist

(*My highest rank so far is rank 58 legend.)

Hack & Slash 

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  1. Your bachelorhood is treating you well. I can’t ever remember reading a post from you that sounded so happy and optimistic.


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