On the Doctor's Craft

And what the doctor will tell you when you get your disease. The cures will certainly be better than the ones that the Alchemist provides, right?

1) Extensive bloodletting should result in a complete recovery.
1-2. Something distracts the Chirugeon and he leaves the leeches on too long. You die from blood loss.
3-4. Bloodletting just weakens you, allowing the disease to progress. Advance it one stage.
5-6. The bad humors are all expressed in your blood, and after a week of feeling sickly, your good blood fights off the infection. You are cured!

2) A clyster infused with peppers, oil, and vinegar should be given thrice daily for the period of two weeks.
1-2: The disease is no better or worse, and now you are bleeding anally.
3-4: The disease is cured, although some damage must have occurred, because you've lost bowel control. Perhaps it will return.
5-6: The disease is cured and you've never felt better in your life.

3) The disease is spiritual, and as such, will continue to haunt you. The cure is deglove your own face and then to take the face of another and exchange them.
1: The disease isn't cured, because the face of the person you used was more wicked than yours.
2-3: The disease is cured, but the new face transplant doesn't hold, and you have no face. This causes you to lose 6 Charisma (minimum 3) and without eyelids or lips, your face dries out quite frequently. Your vision is clouded, everything is treated as if it is in dim light.
4-6: Success! it will take some time, however to get used to your new face.

4) The disease has rooted in a specific limb, and amputation and debridement of the limb is the only cure. (Determine the limb randomly). In many cases, once the disease root has been cleansed, the limb can be re-attached with hardly any loss in function.
1: Sadly, the wrong limb was accidentally amputated and it is not able to be reattached.
2-3: The correct limb was amputated and the disease cured, however it is unable to be reattached.
4-5: The disease is cured and the limb reattached, however, it just will never seem to work the same way again. Permanently lose 1 point of Physique.
6: The disease is cured and the limb is reattached flawlessly.

5) Pressure in the brain is preventing you from healing correctly. It should be a simple task to repair, a simple matter of trepanation.
1: The drill went in too far. You still have the disease. Roll once on the Critical Ruin: Mental Damage and Illness Table.
2-3: Your brain might have been nicked. The disease is cured and you need to roll once on the Critical Ruin: Social Anxiety table.
4-5: Success, but the bone removed was ruined. It might be a good idea to wear a helmet for a while.
6: Success! The disease is cured.

6) Onion and Leek, mixed with bull gall and left to sit will create a poultice that will cure the disease.
1-2: Though ineffective, no harm comes to you.
3-6: The poultice turns black and you are free of the disease.

7) Your humors have calcified into hard stones and lodged themselves in your bladders. We'll start by removing the stones in your torso, then, using these S-shaped picks, we'll work through the urethra to get the stones to the entrance of the bladder, and we'll extract them surgically via anal incision
1: Disaster! You still have the disease, and you lose 2 points of Physique permanently from the damage to your torso and groin. Also, bowel control is a distant memory.
2-6: Although painful, the wicked looking stones are removed. Your disease is cured.

8) The only cure available is the consumption of a human heart in front of its dying host.
1-6: It works. Gain 5 Wickedness.

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