On Towns, Sowton Port

Sowton port is a village of 216 people far past its prime. Once a larger port city, changing conditions and political pressures have relegated it to a small secondary port. It is known for it's many fountains, now fallen into disrepair, and brickwork that is tinted and stained yellow due to sulfuic impurities in the clay. There is a consistent odor of rotten eggs that hangs over the city, but after a few hours in town, you quickly become accustomed to it. 

Sowton Port


A sleepy Chaotic Neutral port village, filled with decayed fountains and broken yellow brick.

"Ex Aqua Veritas" - In water, truth


Government: The government is effectively a Syndicracy, run by a guild of smugglers. There is little menace in their rule, they have as much interest in keeping the peace as anyone would. No exorbitant fees are charged standard merchants and the docks are safe. However, shipments of illegal goods and highly dubious practices are performed without concern for the law.

Population: The population is primarily human, mostly single men between 20-40. There is a substantial (~20%) proportion of non-humans, primarly elves, half-elves, and lizard men.

Languages Spoken: Human regional dialect, Ophidian, Elven, Common

Local Religions: Enoasor is venerated. He is portrayed as a short elderly man who is a patron of music. His outfit often encompases musical note designs. He is also known to steal and exact vengeance secretly. His worshipers often shave the sides and back of their heads

Noteable NPC's: Ichabob Barney is the town leader. He holds no office, but is recognized as the person to get things done. He is missing an eye, and his voice often goes out. He views himself as very honorable.
Jon Rundig runs the local record house, which acts as the official leadership for the town. His hair is styled into a pompadour and he has a large beard. He is one of the few married people in town, his husband Lake is the owner of the hook and pole, a local general store.


Shops: The Hook and Pole, a general goods store run by Lake Rundig.
Swamp Leathers, a clothing store specializing in leather goods, run by Aelfar, a half-elf with a goatee who is crisp and taciturn.

Inns: The Bailiff's Arms, Usually has good pork and ale available. Owned by a lizard-man named Lithid, but run by a bald skinny human named Ralpon Wund. It offers to "common rooms" upstairs at the price of 4 copper, to sleep among however many people stay.

Features:There are over 40 fountains in town, in various state of disrepair, including a half-dozen that extend out over the water. They are made from granite and marble and most are coated in heavy algae.
Constricted Pillars are 4 15-18 foot pillars that stand near the center of town. They are frequently used to post messages, as well as dares among any youth to climb. The view of the top grants vision out to a distance of 6 miles.
There is a belltower (Green Belltower) that has a quite spacious ground floor that is used for meetings and other official functions.

Men for Hire:Shalin Dade, a half-elf who has his sights set on greater riches. He's quite agile (rogue 1) and fancies being an acrobat. He has poor mastery of the bow.
Philum Wendt is a dirty man, with dirty pockets (Normal Human), he carries a knife, a jewel worth 30 gp, and has two very obedient pet ferrets.
Oriana Yun is a half-elf huntress. She dislikes people, being taciturn in her manner, but mildly autistic in her relations with people. She is very attractive (Cha 17) but is usually covered in mud and dirt and doesn't like to smile.
Saul, A rogue with a wide grin.
Aol, an old blind man who's looking for somewhere more pleasant to die.

Resources: Animals (Leather bearing) Coastland, Fishing, Medicinal plants


Obstacles: Smugglers, Thieves.

Adventure Seeds and Local News: Recently, the local lord has sent troops into town to arrest Bili Rogvald, under suspicion of illegal activity. Various factions would like to make sure he doesn't talk, free him from prison, or find out what he was arrested for.
The party hears a rumor that swamp leathers have been selling human skin. Is it true?
Ichabob has heard about the adventures of the party and invites them to a dinner party at the Green Belltower. He wants to offer them a job. Is it a setup, or is the job legitimate?

Names: Naiara, Ion, Jaabir, Kanika, Samihah, Ballentun

Hack & Slash 


  1. I don't actually know Latin, so ignore me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't "Ex Aqua Veritas" be "From water, truth" rather than "In water, truth"? I don't mean to nitpick or anything. Just something I noticed and was wondering about.

    1. Well, it's certainly something for the characters to ask the local townspeople about.


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