On 5e Classes, Thief-Acrobat

The Acrobat, by Axlsalles

Roguish Archetype

At 3rd level, you choose an archetype that you emulate in the exercise of your rogue abilities: Thief, Assassin, Acrobat, or Arcane Trickster, all detailed at the end of the class description. Your archetype choice grants you features at 3rd level and then again at 9th, 13th, and 17th level.

Roguish Archetypes

Rogues have many features in common, including their emphasis on perfecting their skills, their precise and deadly approach to combat, and their increasingly quick reflexes. But different rogues steer those talents in varying directions, embodied by the rogue archetypes.

Your choice of archetype is a reflection of your focusnot necessarily an indication of your chosen profession, but a description of your preferred techniques.

Your grace and poise have granted you preternatural abilities, both in combat and without. your regimen of physical exercise builds coordination, muscle tone, and balance. This allows you to literally dance around opponents and reach areas other people might find unreachable.

Vertical Grace
Starting at 3rd level, the Thief-Acrobat can fall up to 10 feet times 1/2 their level safely. You also can climb faster than normal, climbing no longer costs you extra movement. When making a jump of any type, standing or running, the distance you jump increases by a number of feet equal to your Dexterity modifier.

When you select this archetype at 3rd level, you have advantage on Dexterity (Acrobatics) Checks

Battle Grace
Starting at 9th level, You gain the ability to Dodge as a bonus action. Standing up from prone no longer costs any movement.

Pole Work
At 13th level, you gain mastery over placement and movement. Opponents no longer block your movement. You may move through the squares of hostile creatures at no penalty, it is assumed that you are moving over or by them. You still have to disengage to avoid an attack if you leave the threatened area of a creature.

Wall Walker
When you reach 17th level, you gain a climb speed equal to your normal speed.

Deadly Defender

At 17th level, anyone who uses a melee attack action against you when you have taken the Dodge action grants you advantage on your next attack against them. This allows you to do sneak attack damage. This effect only lasts until the end of your next turn. 

Hack & Slash 


  1. Cool. Recommended edit:

    "Starting at 3rd level, the Thief-Acrobat can fall up to 10 feet times 1/2 their level safely."

    ... up to 5 feet times their level safely.

    1. Damage is applied in 10' increments. So, interesting.

  2. I like it! One concern though...I have to pull an Archer.

    Pole Work...phrasing...especially with that jpeg.

  3. I think armor, even light armor, would only encumber this type of character. Wouldn't they be better served by some version of Unarmored Movement (for example 10 + Dex + Con) at Level 3, especially since the second part of Vertical Grace and Wall Walker are a little redundant?

    1. The second part of vertical grace allows them movement not slowed by climbing, but skill checks for some surfaces (vertical, etc.) could be required. The other allows them to move on any surface as if it were the floor, no checks necessary.


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