On Gormand's Larder, a Free Adventure via Illustration

If I may direct your attention to this free illustrated adventure.

So, what gets me, is when people characterize the old school renaissance for being a bunch of old fogies, or talk about Dungeons & Dragons like it's not innovative enough to drive new play, nothing being produced is as avant garde as this project.

This is true for a huge percentage of stuff in the old school Dungeons & Dragons scene. Vornheim redefines the city book. On the Non-Player Character codifies the hidden social actions in Dungeons and Dragons. A Fire on the Velvet Horizon is a monster book unlike any published. This list goes on and on, of new, innovative works that can completely change the way you run games.

This is a six page adventure, without any text, with only gorgeous illustrations and it's completely free. If you use it, make sure to let the author know! It's brilliant!


Hack & Slash 


  1. Wow, talk about innovative! It kind of reminds me of some Pacific Northwest or Finnish monster's lair for some reason. I think it is the artwork.

  2. On Gourmand's Larder not Ladder.


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