On Towns, Carwyn's Gate

The town of Carwyn's Gate is a bustling city of 3,669 people. It is in the center of several smaller villages and hamlets and serves as a local meeting place and landmark. Most construction in the city is of wood, including it's distinctive triple external walls and it's somewhat advanced and imposing aqueduct.

Carwyn's Gate


Bustling Lawful Neutral town, known for its wooden walls and construction
"Tellus Nos Defendit" The Earth Protects Us.


Government: Feudal, town is managed by a council of city elders, nominally subservient to the nearby Duke Deniel Paol.

Population: There are around 1,200 human households (average slightly more than 5 people per household) and assorted humans (6,202 humans total). There are about 200 half-elves who make their home in the city, along with 2 extended halfling families (133 total halflings). There are somewhere around 120 gnomes and dwarves who live in the city, but no family groups. The city has a floating population of somewhere between an additional 500-2,000 people depending on the day, bursting upwards of 5,000 people on market fair days.

Languages Spoken: Common, Human regional dialect
Local Gods & Religions:

  • Adea is the goddess of fortune and travel. She is a young maiden with large hips and a round belly, and golden hair with dark skin. Her eyes are the color of rubies and what little of her clothing there is, is that of golden plates with the forms of various animals upon them. Many shrines of hers abound in the city, filled with fresh water. Coins and small gifts are left at the base for the destitute and needy travelers. 
  • Rame is a short, fat, rotund deity of summer and earth. His skin is a wooden bronze, and his eyes are pupiless and white. He wears the skin of a stag, and it's antlers protrude over his head. he is otherwise naked and well endowed. There are no shrines to Rame, but his mark of an angle and a line arranged like an axe is carved into any wooden structure built by his worshipers. On weekly holy days sacrifices of blood are made near the roots of trees. 

Notable NPC's:

  • Celeste Adebola is a very talented halfling jeweler, who's work is said to rival that of the dwarves. 



  • The Castle, known for its roasted meats, particularly elk. It is run by Vahagn Jarrett (M/Fi/6) and his wife. Vahagn is 63, grizzled, with braided hair, a low pitched voice, and has a hook for a left hand. He is grouchy and kind. His wife is plump and astoundingly beautiful.
  • The Druids Lute, Known for meals free of animal products, with convincing imitations. Few actually know that the baked beef doesn't actually have any beef in it. It's run by Sky Riverride (M/Druid/3) a well-groomed, pock-marked half-elf. He is 34 and owns the building and frequently comes out an leers at the guests. 

Locations / Interesting Features:

  • Baroque Hill of the Holy Lady
  • Prince Bel's Park
  • Lonely Gate is the smallest entry into the city, barely large enough for a horse and rider. It is always manned, day and night.
  • The undersewers are ignored and maligned, but are actually connected to the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Men for Hire:

  • Gayla Caitlin, is a noble women who is unwilling to agree to an arranged marriage and has settled for exile instead.
  • Rodolph, A reptilian man, who wields a large greatsword. Says little. Probably has psychic powers.
  • Nyree Timaios, an albino sorceress in white gossamer robes. Wears a collar of gold. Her teeth are sharpened, and her mucus membranes are dark black.
  • Theodosia Marlee, a religious squire. Red hair, happy, bright and brave.
  • Georgiana, a Veteran and polearm specialist. Disheveled. Possibly a little crazy.
  • Bertha, Thin halfling with a large head. Sneaky, has many delusional beliefs that she is reluctant to share. Looking for a golden dagger. 
  • Plus up to 2d8 more people per week, due to the transient population.

Resources: Moderate, Fertile Farmland (wheat), Geography (plains/light forest), Hunting/Game, Pastures (Cows/Sheep), Timber


Obstacles: Transient populations, drinkers, thieves

Adventure Seeds & Local News:

  • A local physickers guild has ejected Eugenius Melanthios (F/Sor/4) for unsavory practices and violating the guild rules and standards of practices. Rumor has it that she swore revenge and disappeared. 
  • The old Weaver house, long used as a guildhall for the rugmaker guild, has been boarded up and closed down, due to reports of a curse involving miniature demons. 
  • There's a new scam being perpetrated against the wifes of law officers while they are on duty, and Archimedes Rhode (M/Ex/2) Barrister for the Carriage makers coalition has be imprisoned for it, but he protests his innocence. 

NamesYasur, Ralin, Phuad, Danar, Ptolemaios, Bion Andreas, Mael Diodotus, Ligeia, Charissa, Jordan, Kallie, Xander, Gyles Winter

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  1. I love the details in your 'Men for Hire,' category. Did you use a generator or some other source, or is your mind just made of win?

    1. I use a bunch of things, from my own book "On the Non-Player Character", to recent experiences, to any sort of personality generating randomizer, then I look for something interesting that's immediately communicable in play and work out a person from that.

      The idea, is that it's useful for someone running a town.


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