On Numenhalla: Gods: Tethys

On the separation of Tethys:

She was born to Typhon & Hera, sister of the nine who were eleven, and in the ancient days she became the sea, and therefore mother to Typhon & Hera.

But the nature of the sea is vast and terrible and hidden. Out of fear she hid precious things from her father and in time he was furious, for he could not find the items she hid.

Hera became fascinated by the sea and was the first to bathe in her daughter/mother's waters. She said:
Since I go now to beyond the ends of the generous earth to where the gods have risen and Tethys our mother who we brought up kindly in our own house, who cared for me and took me from the storm that drove the measure of life underneath the earth and the barren water; I shall go to visit these gods and resolve their division of discord. For a long time have they stood apart, distant, breathing the land and all things, rancor beating within their divided breast. Could I win over with persuasion the dear heart within them and bring them back to bed to be merged in love with each other and again be of one heart and mind? Should I, I would be forever honored by then, and live through them, and be loved.
And so Hera entered the sea.

In her absence, Typhon found the betrayal of Tethys and he shook the sea of his daughter/mother in anger. He took from Tethys her sword and hid it deep within the waters and thus was Tethys separated from the nine who were eleven, and lost.

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