I do awesome stuff.

I produce tons of useful system neutral resources, check 'em out over to the side: Psionics, Tricks, Interesting Treasure, Empty rooms, Non-player Characters.

I'm particularly interested in game theory and analysis.

What do I like to play? Games.

If you're interested in any version of Dungeons and Dragons, then lucky you for finding the blog!
Board games? I play them too.
Card games? Also played constantly.
Video games? You betcha!

The Quantum Ogre is a series about player agency in games, how freedom and player choice makes for a better game. You can find out more about that, or about other topics by using the tags to search by series or post topic.

So, either subscribe by mail, rss feed, or newsreader, join the mailing list, follow me on G+ and let me know what you think!

If you like what I do, and can spare as little as a dollar a month, you can contribute to me producing even more content and get free copies of things besides. Become a patron and help me work more. My Patreon Campaign!
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