On Artifices, Deceptions, & Dilemmas


I'm doing ok. I hope you are doing ok. If you are on the internet, it seems really intense for a society that's in the middle of a unprecedented golden age.

I wrote a - one second,er  a, there. fixed.

A new book! About traps.

I talked to Russ Nicholson (Warlock on Firetop Mountain),  James Shields, Steve Crompton (Grimtooth's Traps) and Marcin S (Against the Darkmaster) and they all offered to do illustrations. Karl agreed to do the cover for this sequel, and Sandor agreed to edit again.

Can you imagine? Working with Russ Nicholson and Steve Crompton on a book about baroque situations and rube goldberg devices? Crazy huh.

So maybe you will like it?

I originally intended it to be a guide on handling agency in traps, but I did some research, and it turns out everyone already knows that.

Something more useful and interesting was landed on. It's a lavishly illustrated book full of fantasy adventure things and ways to describe them. We can't all just have in the front of our brain ready to go the difference between rattan, wickerwork and bamboo. It's probably been a decade since I last set a snare on a trap-line, to say nothing of more complicated mechanisms.

What's in here is the texture of fantasy, an visual look from renowned fantasy illustrators at how parts of a fantasy realm interweave. It is a book of magician's secrets for skilled Dungeon Masters.

Cause that's what everyone is! I saw Hobbs set up a trap that just murdered the guy who blundered into it. Clues were given and ignored. Death! Excitement!

Didn't I just run a Kickstarter? Well, that was last year and it delivered, on time, to, and I say this with all sincerity, raving praise. There's the five star reviews on DriveThruRPG, the crazy good cover, and, most importantly, an object lesson in good money management for the thousand people who backed the Kickstarter and got a book shipped for half what it's retailing for now.

Did I mention I'm running a Kickstarter?

Get Artifices, Deceptions & Dilemmas because it's a cool dungeons and dragons book where there's going to be pictures of magical traps and other useful fantasy stuff. Karl's doing the cover again. It's a direct sequel to On Downtime & Demesnes, covering the world of adventure in the same way OD&D covers the world of campaign time.

Why am I doing this instead of blogging?
My cat died on Christmas. I like to live indoors. There's plans for the blog in 2020.
Why isn't this in some collectible edition?
I use books. The illustrations I poured over as a youth were all in cheap paperbacks. Warlock on Firetop Mountain. One on One Game-Books, Lone Wolf,  I want you to use this, bend, spindle, mutilate, and tear. 
Didn't you just run a-
Last year, it delivered over 2 months ago.
What about-
If anyone has any questions about anything, please, reach out. campbell at oook dot cz.

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