On the Roller Coaster

Funded in 2 hours? Sitting at 500%? It's crazy!


You know, I'm going to just be talking about this for 10 days. Well, 8 more after today. It's like Pledge Week on AETN, except instead of getting a tote bag, you get this ridiculously awesome book. It's done, backing for a dollar gets you access.

If you'd like to check it out, you can back for a single dollar, and get a PDF copy right from my dropbox. No art, and it's before I've had my editor go through it. But it's only a dollar.

This is the time to back! 15 for the PDF, and 20+cost+shipping for the hard cover. Once it's released those prices are going to go up for a long, long time. Get in now while the getting is good!

Or don't! I'm not the boss of you. But maybe the hundreds of other backers are? Who knows!?!


If you liked OTTER (On Tricks, Traps, and Empty Rooms) or ONPC, then you are going to love ODD.

Hack & Slash 
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  1. It really shows the desire for something to make town visits more interesting. Your Kickstarter popped up right at a time when I was looking around for things to make a visit to town less like a chore for a megadungeon campaign I wanna run.

  2. People seem to like you and want to buy your products.

  3. I had to get in on this, and I shared a link with some buddies on Discord.

  4. Hey, Kickstarter is broken. I'm logged in, but it won't let me type in any of my information except my name, so I can't pledge money!


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