On Print Megadungeon #4

The white text isn't on the print cover!
Just a note to everyone to say that the print version of Megadungeon #4 is now available. The .pdf comes free with the print version. I have some . . . big news, I hope soon, that has disrupted some of my plans for this month, so I hope you're hearing from me again very soon.

PDF at DrivethruRPG
PDF at Lulu
Print at Lulu
Print at DrivethruRPG 

It's really cool! Check out the preview!

Hack & Slash 
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  1. I've already bought my print version yesterday! I have every issue so far!

  2. Any reason why my ad was dropped? Jay, Vanishing Tower Press.

    1. Um. I'm not professionally associated with Courtney, but I feel like its become incumbent upon me to warn you that Courtney sometimes overlooks comments on a post that's been up for longer than a day or two.

      You might need to have more than one way to contact him to ensure he gets your message...

    2. This must be frustrating, but it appears the issue is that I never received an advertisement. I've searched my e-mail, but I don't think I have an image from you Jay. Did you send the advertisement to me over e-mail?
      I may have made a mistake, and would like to get to the bottom of it. Can you resend what you sent me?

  3. Lets put this on me. I am notorious for maneuvers like this. I remember your format requirements being laid out and I saved the image as such. Good chance I thought I had wrapped this up when I didn't. I moved pretty quick on this. Thanks for the reply, helps straighten things out for myself. Ignore my comment on DriveThru. It is incorrect and not "rightly" worded anyways.

    1. Sir, I am a straight hot mess, there is no need for compunction. :-)
      I'd very much like to clear this up. I'd be glad to return any money you paid (if you did) and perhaps run your advertisement in the next issue.


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