On Getting Down with Downtime.

I'm overwhelmed and thankful. Less than 32 hours left.

I didn't expect this. I thought even coming up with this many stretch goals was absurd. And it looks like all of them will be unlocked and then some.

Thanks be to you, without whom I wouldn't be here. I talked to Hobbes on his radio program and it was quite personal. Honest. He's not afraid to ask actually difficult challenging questions. That was terrifying and wonderful.

Listen for yourself.

We have amazing things coming. I'm so glad to be journeying with you.

Hack & Slash 
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  1. Unfortunately, I missed out on this kickstarter. I could've sworn It finished Saturday and not Friday, was waiting until I was paid. Poor college student life, so just wanted to be sure tuition and everything was covered. Ugh, are you taking late pledges for this? Is there any way possible to add someone?


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