On Downtime and Demesnes

Hey, this is really important.

I made a good thing. You can see the whole thing for a dollar. It's maybe the best work I've done. If you read "On Tricks, Traps, and Empty Rooms" and thought, "this is useful" you should check this out.

On Downtime and Demesnes

You know, OTTER is a real useful tool for designing spaces before players engage in them. This is something better. ODD is about what happens in play that make your players feel like addicts. I think I dun good. Go check it out.

We've got a ton of top flight creators on board for the project stretch goals, and I hope you'll join us for this whirlwind ride. 10 Days! Let's go!!!

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  1. If this expands on what you've published in Megadungeon I can't wait!


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