On the Spreading Word

Megadungeon #4 is coming, in about a week.

But there's something that needs to be done first.

The exciting part is discovering new worlds and spaces. How do I do that? Well, last time I sold some advertisements for things. And that was nice, and it got the word out about some great things to people who might not have ever considered them before.

But what I really want is the interesting feeling of looking through the ads in the back of old Dragon magazines.The pages with all the weird cool stuff.

So, look. I'm "Selling" advertising space. It's 20$ for a half page, 40$ for a full A5 page.
Except, if you don't have the money, and you have a project, you should go ahead and send me an ad.

It's more important to get the word out about a cool thing then it is to restrict access to letting people know about cool stuff.

It doesn't even have to be visual—if you have a small blurb about a product or your company, one that hundreds of buyers who are getting a 5e/basic megadungeon would be interested in do not let this opportunity go away.

Advertisements, questions and comments as well as advertisement payments (on paypal) can be sent to campbell at oook dot cz. The "deadline" for getting me your stuff or reserving a slot is Friday—let me know by then. But you'll actually have a bit longer to get it together.

Hack & Slash 


  1. Yes, you! Yes your thing! Yes, free! Do it.

  2. I wish my project was done so I could buy an ad. This sounds so delicious.

    I do have a novel out but it has nothing to do with D&D or fantasy/sci-fi

    1. Doesn't matter. This will be "out" at the end of the month, but even the original is still selling.
      You have a product coming, get at me!

  3. Just grabbed Megadungeon 1-3 this week and was wondering if you were planning more. This is great news!
    I love all the old ads in Dragon. Early White Dwarf had some interesting stuff too. I remember being on a trip to London and visiting a shop because it had a cool ad in White Dwarf. Here I thought it was going to be some awesome mecca of a RPG/Wargaming store. It was just a local hole in the wall. But damn that ad worked!

    1. I'm already finding about new cool things.


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