On New Henchmen and More Crazy Deals!?!

Hey everyone! 
I started this sale because I had medical bills to pay, along with needing to get some money together to help my daughter attend some fun summer camps. 
Well, the medical bill has been paid, and I'm looking for a way to give back a little. How can I make this not a bullshit sale?
How about this. 
Henchman Season 1 .pdf, and the Hack and Slash Blog Compendiums are all pay what you want till Thursday. The print copies of the 4 compendiums are 50% off (it won't let me go any higher with the discount, otherwise it would lose money.) 

Get all these .pdfs for Free! (Although feel free to help out with the summer camp bill.)
Henchmen Season 1
The print versions are as cheap as I can make them for the next 24 hours!
I use all these books at the table during games. I used them last night while running Perdition online!

Oh, This sale hasn't stopped my content creation. Here are the first 2 henchmen of Season 2, which focuses on demi-humans. You can check me out on stream today, if you'd like to hang out and talk about Dungeons and Dragons and the Debates while I work on Season 2!

Thanks everyone! We'll be back on Thursday with more great deals! See you then if I don't see you online!

Hack & Slash 

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  1. Like, if you can't smell the Dwarven guy by looking at him, I dunno what I can do for you.


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