On the Mythic Underworld, Illustrated

Hey everyone! I'd just like to announce that I've finally got my Etsy store open!

A lot of the beautiful artwork, including some from the best-rated, award-winning, what's sure to be a cult classic module, Eyrie of the Dread Eye.

It's all original works, suitable for framing. I could frame before sending, but both framing and shipping are expensive—it's certainly more affordable for you to have it framed locally. But if you've got the money, I'll gladly frame it for you and ship it  your way!

Get yourself something beautiful and support an artist! Following are a selection of the pieces available. Visit the store to see all the beautiful originals, and hang up something beautiful in your home or gaming room today!

Hack & Slash 
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  1. Looks great! I detect the use of my favorite mapping program, Campaign Cartographer 3+, on some of that.

    1. The maps are all hand drawn, live on camera, using ink on Bristol. The original art pieces are for sale at the etsy store, and they are suitable for hanging.

      I'm selling a physical handmade product. No software was used. All of the art above was done by hand.

  2. That's wild. The one in between the dragon and the big hex looks uncannily like it was made using Perspectives 3. I stand corrected.

    (No denigration was meant in any case. It's great work regardless.)

  3. I wonder if you could get income providing art as props etc. for Roll 20? Some things would be custom. others would be d
    "do once, sell copies".

    1. That is. . . exactly what I'm doing? If you join the Patreon (with about 60 other people) you get high quality 600 dpi PNG's for use with online gaming systems like Roll 20 and Fantasy Grounds.

      I'm also selling the originals.


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