On the Last of the Sale!

We will have a normal post tomorrow, but this is the last day of the sale.

I'm very proud of my art, and I think I've been doing good stuff. I'd like to move some of it, so between now and Saturday morning when I wake up, everything on my Etsy store is 60% off! On Saturday morning, the sale ends, and all my stuff returns to its default price, so take advantage before it's too late!

It's original art, check some of it out. Most of these pieces took between 40-60 hours to create, so you're really getting something fantastic to add to your gaming space, or perhaps to sell after the next few very popular books I write! Did you know I have 3 books in various stages of production right now?

Exciting stuff. Get in and get something awesome for your house or gaming room before the opportunity ends!!

The prices are so crazy low on these, I'm almost embarrassed to post them. What artist would sell his work at such a discount? Get yourself something nice and help and my daughter out in the deal!!

Saturday morning the sale will end, and we will see you next month for the release of Megadungeon #4.

Hack & Slash 

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