On A Hellish Scape

This is an image of the city "Rustock" in the Perdition game I'm running online, in public, broadcasted on the internet. I'm playing with these amazing wonderful people. The charisma sometimes is too much! Come join us and the rest of the audience tonight, Tuesday, June 25th, at 5 PM CST, (-6 GMT) and watch me run Dungeons and Dragons! (note the lava flow and the jets of fire!)

Today's mega-sale?
Perdition in .pdf for 3.99! (Normally 9.99$)
Perdition in print (softcover) at a 40% discount. Normally 19.99, now only 11.99!!!
Perdition in print (hardcover) at a 40% discount. Normally 39.99, now only 23.99!!!

With art by noted artists Matthew Adams, Russ Nicholson, and many others, and writing by me and Arnold K. of Goblin Punch!

Rules for the Infernal Conclave, Summoning and Binding Demons and Devils, and signing infernal contracts that work and make for fun at the table! See my organic design principles at work. Reward yourself with a beautiful book.

Guys, it's great. A real labor of love. Check out the coolest thing you'll buy this year, and pick it up before it too goes off sale! And come watch us play!

The sale is still on till Friday!

Some images from the book!

Hack & Slash 

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